Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tongan Beach

Tonga is a very hot place since it is close to the equator. Nearly everyday we need a fan. But at the beach it is cool and nice. Well, it should be since we swim in the cool and shimmering water.

Swimming in the blue sea I jumped up to to breath. As soon as I was ready to go under the sea again I spotted something, I looked at it curiously. I dived under and found myself starring at a blue fish with yellow fins.

Suddenly more fish appeared. Of course, I wanted to catch it so I got ready to pounce on to the fish. But it quickly swam away. Once again I tried but I still couldn't catch it. Another fish swam beside a rock so I leaped out of the water to breath.

Puffing in and out I went back under the water. This fish looked much more different, it was black and looked very mysterious. I swam around a big rock and I saw many fish with different shapes and seizes. And different colors.

When I felt cold and bored I got out of the water and lied on the sand. Blazing hot and bright the sun shone it's rays on to the crystal clear water. Watching the water glisten like a pearl I smiled gleefully.

Just as I was about to get back in the water everyone was going back to the cars. So I thought we would be leaving. Digging my toes into the sand I wished that I would come. Everyone went back and we journeyed back home.

I love going to the beach!!! Hope we go back.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stereo Hearts

Here is a movie me and my group made. It is a MTV. Hope you like it!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Outta this World

Neptune has a lot of problems that could kill humans. The main problem is that Neptune has no air! Humans will not survive without air.

For a situation like this I would recommend taking a lilo, as many lilos as you can. So if you couldn’t breathe you can undo the valve and breathe in the air from the lilo. That is what I would do.

Another solution is to...... well, I would build a tunnel to Earth. So if anyone couldn’t breathe they would go through the tunnel to Earth and breathe again. Also I would make an air mask which has a big bottle of air connected to it.

There is one more solution. I would use a gas mask and connect it to a huge can of oxygen. So it would be possible to breath.

One of these solutions can solve the problem. To me I think that it is the 1st solution. Because the lilos contain air. The lilos will come in mini sizes so they will be able to be carried around on people’s backs like a school bag (there will 5 lilos to use a day). After the lilos are all empty you will need to refill from a tap. Instead of water the tap has air because it is connected to Earth.

Neptune might be possible to live on in the future. Maybe......

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Netbook Reflections Term 4

Lots of things on my Net-book please me, but I think the best reason why I like using my Net-book is because I am able to share my work with the world! Also playing games in my free time has been enjoyable!

Having a Net-book is great! The only thing that annoys me most is when it takes a really long time to reach Google. Sometimes I don’t like it when the Internet is not working. Other than that it has been cool to have a Net-book.

Well, there a many differences learning with a Net-book. For example when I write on my writing book I might have a spelling mistake. With a Net-book spelling mistakes aren’t a problem because we can check our spelling and correct it.

Being in the right place at the right time sometimes can be hard for me. It is hard to resist playing games on my Net-book. So I think I have not been cyber smart. SORRY!!

That would be a tragedy to have no Net-books around!! Pen and paper would be boring. If this happened I would be really sad. Luckily the plan for Net-books is successful!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Queen and the Key

Planting some flowers at a little farm, the queen found a key. Rushing inside she quickly went to her room. Suddenly her sister ran into her room. In her hands was a beautiful box with a key hole. “Lizzy, I found this in Aunty Meg’s room”. “Well, I found this........”

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Out in the sunshine Athletics day
The sky was full of yellow sun shine rays.
There was a race
I got 3rd place.
I love Athletics, I really say!

Rain falls from the sky and makes sad cries.
Hope for the sun to come out and rise
Hating the rain
it gives me such pain
but soon the sun will come out in the skies.
After it rains a Rainbow appears
to make my day happy instead of in tears.
In the sky
the rainbow is nearby
Everybody looks through the glares.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stupid King Kong and Creepy Slugs

King Kong:
Stupid King Kong knowingly embarrassed his friend.

Knowingly embarrassing stupid King Kong, Mr Monkey pulled down his pants.

King Kong was stupid to say, he knowingly embarrassed himself.


Creepy slugs unfortunately attempted to eat my brother.

Unfortunately attempting to kill the cat, the creepy slugs died.

Attempting to unfortunately to climb the sky tower the creepy slug fell and left a goey mess.

Running down the mountain the creepy slugs unfortunately attempted to climb back up.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Tree Hill

Walking to the top of the mountain, I whispered “Am I almost there?”. So thirsty. Quickly running and feeling the wind as it blew my hair. “FREEDOM!!!”. Relaxed and calm, a cool breeze. Looking out into the clouds, the view was spectacular. Running down the hill I nearly fell over.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Culture

I have made a little presentation about my culture. This was just for fun. I hope you enjoy!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Did you know that comets are made out of ice, dust, rocks and gas? Well, room 13 did. We even made comets but out of ice cream. Which were tasty!!!

Waiting impatiently I watched the other groups get ice cream but instead of it in a cone it was plopped into their hands. But I was still eager to taste some ice cream. My tummy growled but finally I was called out to make my comet.

Lesieli tipped some crushed biscuits and sprinkles on to my hands. Filled with wild excitement Miss King gave me my ice cream. I shivered and shuddered. The ice cream dripped through my fingers and left a sticky mess. Whaea Janeille stuck a cone on top of my ball of ice cream.

Licking my lips I started to eat my comet. The comet was nice and cold. Soft and chewy the ice cream melted on my tongue. Finishing my comet I felt like getting another scoop but sadly I wasn’t allowed.

What an exciting and delicious experience!? I LOVE ICE CREAM!!! Especially with sprinkles!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alien Snot

Everyone knows that snot is one of the most disgusting things ever!!! Well, room 13 made something very GROSS!!! Guess what it is? That’s right, snot........ alien snot.

For this task you’ll need cornflour, a little bit of water and green food colouring. If you are interested in making some alien snot the 1st step is to pour 1 cup of corn flour into a small bowl. Add a little bit of water into the bowl and start mixing. Soon it would harden so pour the green food colouring in. Feel the snot and it will be hard so pick it up and see what happens.

Waiting with my group for some corn flour Miss King came to our table and gave us some flour. Later on that day she came to us and pour water into the bowl. Mixing the bowl I realized it was hardening quickly. It took all my strength to mix it!! The food coloring was tipped in.

“YUCK!!!! LOOK AT THE SNOT!!” I whined. It looked like a liquid. But as I felt it for some reason it felt like a rock! Picking the snot up it ran down my fingers and on to the table. So now it was all over the place!!!

Alien snot was a exciting yet disgusting experience but it was quite fun!! Maybe I should make it again.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Lift Off

Sitting on my seat heat filled the air. Launch was approaching. In mere seconds we would leave Earth to discover the the mysteries of space.

Anxiously waiting for lift off it felt as if I would explode because of fearing the the historic quest. Would everything go as planned? Suddenly a call cried out for all Astronauts “Ignition”.

Fire shot out of the rocket boosters and a powerful force pushed the rocket into the air. My stomach was shuddering. Petrified of the leaving Earth, the ear shattering explosion made a bright blaze in the sky.

Taking off my seat belt, I looked down at Earth and thought of how dangerous this is but also adventurous. “What a journey this is?!” I said to myself.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Immersion Assembly

Making my way to the hall for Immersion Assembly I spotted the teachers in crazy funny costumes. “Look at Miss King, she’s wearing a tutu”. I giggled

Sitting down on the floor I realized assembly was starting.
Mr Burt introduced the Topic with a story. “Maui went to his great great great grandma and she gave him a bone from her jaw.” Mr Burt said. “The bone that Maui was given was used as the hook, Maui put some blood on the end of the hook and to his surprise he fished up the a huge fish also known as the North Island of New Zealand” Mr Burt continued.

At the end of his story he finally told us the topic which was Outta this World (this story is related to the topic because the bone was able to be seen in the stars, so it is called Manaiakalani which means the Hook from Heaven and Heaven is Outta this World!!!)

Teams 1, 2 and 3 had finished their item. So now was the time for team 4 to shine. “Twinkle, twinkle little star how wonder what you are” sang The Wiggles (this was a movie). Out came Miss King, Miss Squries, Mr Marks and Miss Garden. They were pretending to be ballerinas, no wonder why my teacher had a tutu.

Immersion Assembly is the best part about the first day to me. It is always exciting and funny to watch!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

All Blacks vs Wallabies

Did you see last night's Rugby game? All Blacks vs Wallabies. Guess who won?!! ALL BLACKS, of course!

Two countries were ready to battle for the last spot in the Grand Final. Australia was determined to make a huge upset for their nemesis New Zealand. Both teams were desperate to make the Final.

The AB's had their chance to perform their frightening Kapa o Pango. The shouts of the All Blacks petrified the Wallabies. Passionate and proud the All Blacks ended their Kapa o Pango with their intimidating war cries.

In the first 5 minutes Piri Weepu passed the ball to Cruden. Aaron Cruden to Israel Dagg, he throws a dummy and gives a burst of speed to the try line. Israel gets tackled but Ma'a Nonu was there for support so Israel passes the ball accurately, Ma'a Nonu caught the ball and dives for the try.

For the conversion Piri Weepu kicks but sadly he misses. About 13 minutes later 8 points to New Zealand and Australia still had zero. Eventually Wallabies had a chance to get a try. There was great run from number 11, he barges through the defense like a charging bull but he didn't get to the line.

Australia scored 3 from a penalty kick. On the score board it was 8 to 3. After that challenging game the All Blacks were very successful once again and were going to the Grand Final. The score was 20 to 6.

I am very sure that the All Blacks will win the Webb Ellis when they play France but you never know. GO ALL BLACKS!!!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


New Zealand Warriors were in the rugby league grand final and there was a major upset. But I am not going to tell you who lost.

Warriors were playing the undefeated Manly Sea Eagles in Sydney. Which was on the 2nd of October. Anxiously running to the try line Manu Vatuvai dived for the try, he knew that his team desire to win to lift the trophy.

Feeling very worried for the Warriors I noticed that Manly Sea Eagles were in the lead. Barging through the defence the Manly Sea Eagles had scored another try, once again the they were victorious. I was sad to hear that we had lost the grand final. Maybe next time the Warriors will improve and will be champions of rugby league.

Warriors made a great attempt. I hope the Warriors try to be more victorious next time.

Thinking Hats

What did I enjoy?
Podcasting has been really fun for me lately. Because I get to read books and record with my partner. Maybe I should read more books so I can do MORE podcasts. And next year too!!!

Things I didn’t enjoy.
Being filmed in front of the camera isn’t one of my favourite things to do. The reason why is because I am REALLY shy but my confidence is growing. Most of the time I don’t like to do maths as it is a struggle. So next term this can be one of my goals to improve my maths skills.

What did I learn?
From Aussie Rules I have learnt to do a drop punt. It has been very helpful because I use to kick randomly but now I kick straight.

How do I feel about my term overall?
The term has been alright, I have had some ups and downs but it was okay. So I feel pretty good about this term. Why? Because good things have been happening to me just like me getting into the production and it was truly amazing!! I feel that this will boost my confidence for next year.

What did I find most interesting?
Badminton. Since I haven’t heard of it I would find it VERY interesting. That is one reason. Secondly it is interesting because it is similar to tennis but the difference is that Badminton has a shuttle instead of a tennis ball. Also it is loads of fun.

What could I have done better to help my learning?
Concentrating and listening is what I need to do better for me to improve. And try not to talk to my friends when the teacher is talking. I believe doing maths whizz at home will help me improve my maths skills.

Sonny Bill Williams

Bravely awaiting for the match to start Sonny Bill got himself organized in the dressing room. He planned his scheme and waited for the time to come. The All Blacks had just got on the field as the crowd roared Sonny Bill’s name.

Anxiously running to the try line, Sonny Bill Williams gave a burst of speed. Gliding on the field Sonny Bill dived for a try. He had just proven himself a great player. The crowd cheered loud like lightning “SBW, SBW, SBW!!!”

It was a challenging game but the All Blacks won!!! Victory was in the All Blacks hands.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Felipe Argentian Captain

Here is a animation of Felipe, the captain of the Argentian team for the 2011 RWC.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Mmmm huele los alfajorcitos tan riquisimo. Argentina has lots of traditional foods, one of them is Alfajorcitos. Room 13 decided to make them so we can have a glimpse of what they are, for a special treat.

Dulce de leche is a sweet sticky caramel that Argentinian kids always eat with biscuits, cakes and more. To make Alfajors we will need 2 plain biscuits and of course the dulce de leche. Smother the dulce de leche on the biscuits and put the biscuits together and roll it in coconut if you want.

Following the instructions carefully, I got my two biscuits and smothered the dulce de leche over them and then I rolled my biscuits in the coconut. Putting the gooey Alfajorcitos in my mouth I thought they might taste yuck! But when I bit into the biscuit I realized it was delicious. The dulce de leche melted in my mouth, I felt like making more and shoving it down my throat but sadly, I was not allowed.

Alfajors are very yummy!!! I wish we could make more Argentinian food again!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aussie Rules

This game has some difficult tricks so you need a lot of concentration for bouncing the ball, doing a drop punt and even more. Aussie Rules, that’s the game that Room 13 have been training for with 2 great professionals.

Blustery winds blew past me and a cold chill ran up my spine. Rain began to spit but the unpredictable weather changed it around to a sun shiny afternoon. It was like there were 4 seasons in a day.

Warming up with a game called Jumper Bumper I bumped Wakatere and a point was awarded to me. The idea is to bump your partner on 1 leg so they have to put their other leg down. “YAY!!!” I had won my battle against Wakatere and he was gutted about it!

The skill we were about to learn was bouncing the ball while running. On my knee with the ball I bounced it but I fumbled and it bounced away, it was out of control. Wakatere tried bouncing it and he had great success!

Finally training is over and the day was going to end with a game that was very similar to baseball. Instead of bating the ball we kicked the ball. Beginning the game we were able to catch some balls and get the players out. Later on in the game someone kicked the ball and to my surprise it was coming to me. Anxiously concentrating on the ball I caught it and I was so amazed of what I had done!

Aussie Rules is the greatest game we have played so far. It has taught me a lot of skills.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Black Out Day

It was with major excitement that I got myself dressed for school. At school it was about going to be Black Out Day. Black Out Day was to show our support for the All Blacks on the opening day of the Rugby World Cup.

Running down the footpath I saw my friend. Most people were wearing black clothes. Coins jingled in my pocket as I bounced about excitedly - I was going to buy a sausage for my lunch.

Arriving at school, I noticed, to my surprise, that even the teachers were wearing all black. Miss Tito and Miss Va’afusuaga even had black wigs on and even had some paint painted on their face. I love it when our whole school gets behind an idea.

At assembly Mr Burt kept telling stories. They were about the times when he was at rugby games and he had forgotten his hat. Lots of yucky things fell on his head and the scraps end up in his car. I love Mr Burt’s stories, he is a great storyteller.

In our classroom we invented some All Black players. Our directions were to trace around a small person, for example: Lee. After that we had to paint them, it was lots of fun plus our players look amazing.

After morning tea teams 3 and 4 all went to the courts to play some rugby games. The sun was shining and the sevens boys had set up some fun looking games. I was in team Russia and we played some games.

Games were being played all over the field. Kicking was the game me and my group was playing. Points were awarded as we kicked the ball. I got up to have my turn I kicked the ball and it nearly went through the gold post.

As soon as we finished playing exciting games it was time for lunch. Under the shade of some trees I ate my sausage at lunchtime - it felt like summertime.

I had such a great black out day and I really hope that the All Blacks can win tonight. My brother is supporting Tonga, but I don’t know if they can win.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cross Country

Pt England Cross Country can be very frustrating but this time it is an exciting adventure. The 9, 10 and 11 year old kids have a much different run. Through a "forest" is VERY nerve wrecking!!!

Eagerly awaiting for Mr Burt to say "GO" I watched the others run with lacking energy. "Stand up 9 year old girls" Mr Burt said. Approaching the start line I anxiously waited, "GO!!!" shouted Mr Burt. Powering ahead of my friends I could see panting chests. With nervous excitement I realized that I was coming last.

But deep inside of me I knew I could do it. Jogging through the muddy course I was really exhausted and the water in my body was drained. Across the bridge I went and as I ran the seniors cheered me on. "GO GLORIA!!!" they cried. I reached to Taniwha St and I sprinted to see the finish line.

My burning lungs were screaming HELP!! Seeing Pt England School again was great, I cheered and gave a burst of speed to the end. Striving to Succeed I passed the finish line. YAY!!! my team colour cried (Takitimu,Yellow). I heard that I had come 7th. I had really archived my goals!!!

Cross Country is the BEST!!!! It helped me a lot. For the very first time I can't wait for next year!

Monday, August 29, 2011

All Blacks Haka

Passionate about their Haka the All Black warriors frightened South Africa. As they were about to battle. South Africa was intimidated by the warrior’s strong and powerful fierce war cries. The All Blacks threatened them with their throat slitting action.
Piercing screams were heard by the crowd as The All Black. 

Ma'a Nonu

Ma’a Nonu, the mean machine Rugby player weaved his way to the opposition’s goal. Players bounce off as he barges through like a charging bull. His great skills helps him sidestep and quickly run away with the ball. Fast and furiously, he dodges the players and runs for the try line.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Donna from Sport Auckland came to teach Room 13 and other classes to play a game that I haven’t heard before. Badminton, that’s right Badminton. It’s like tennis but it’s not, this sport has a something called a shuttle. With it’s feathers on it, it can fly like a bird but there is a heavy part on the shuttle that helps it come back down.

Anyway on to the playing. “Okay, we are going to play Badminton soccer, so grab a partner”, Donna said. After Donna explained the rules we began to play. Severing the shuttle I powerfully hit it and up it went, into the air. As it came down, my partner (Ana) used hand eye coordination to hit it back.

Swinging my racket I noticed that I was going to miss. Ping! went the shuttle. A goal was given to Ana. Ana served it this time but I was determined to hit the shuttle and score a goal. My hopes were up she used quick body movement and was able to hit it back.

The shuttle came to me so I hit the shuttle to the target (Ana). Soaring through the air the shuttle flew back and fourth between my partner and I. Concentrating on the shuttle I used the underarm grip and manged to hit it back to Ana. She missed and I got a goal. After that game we played more exciting games but that is going to have to wait for another time.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Healthy Snacks and Meals

Regular meals like healthy snacks give children enough nutrients and energy and helps them to grow and learn.

The variety of the essential balanced diet has four main food groups. One of them are Breads and Cereals. There is also Fruit and Vegetables, Milk and Dairy Products and last but not least Meat and Fish.

Milk and water is the best choice to drink. High sugar fizzy drinks and acidic juices are best for treats. Fats and sugars are not the best choice but it is alright to eat, but not to be eaten too much of.

Right food choices equals a happy and healthy life. A healthy diet helps your body to work in the right way.
Healthy Snacks and Meals (mp3)

This voice over and picture tells you that you should eat the right food and snacks. My picture has two sides. One side is coloured in red and the other is green. Red means stop and green means go, just like traffic lights. My voice over explins that you should eat Vegetables, Dairy Products, Fish and Meat and last but not least Fruit. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maths Strategies

Here is a movie made by Thea, Kashya and myself. It is about Maths Stratgies. I hope you enjoy and hope this helps you too.

Monday, August 22, 2011


New Zealand is very different to other countries. This special country has a multicultural population. Many many years ago Australia and New Zealand used to be connected, now it is isolated. Our kiwiana is special, important and unique to us.

Buzzy Bee is a very popular toy in New Zealand. This bee figure is very precious to the children in New Zealand. In the late 1930s the Buzzy Bee was invented in a small workshop which was in Auckland. The brightly coloured wooden pull along toy has been passed down from generation to generation and now it is a New Zealand icon.

The tiki (tikitiki) is a carved human figure made out of green stone also known as pounamu. But green stone isn’t the only object used, bones are also includes in the tiki. It was made by both Moari and Polynesians.

So I hope these facts have helped you find more about New Zealand. New Zealand has many treasures so maybe you can find out more. Thank you and GO ALL BLACKS!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Fruit Kebabs

Step 1 Remove fromage frais from fridge to sit before use. Peel kiwifruit. Cut all fruit in bite-sized chunks.

Step 2 Divide fruit evenly among skewers.

Step 3 Place chocolate chips in a pan and heat until melted. Stir in fromage frais and pour into a dipping bowl. Serve with fruit skewers.

That was easy. Okay, time for a lunch recipe! Hope you enjoy it.

HFG blueberry muffins

Preheat oven to 190°C. Lightly oil muffin tins.

Place sifted flour, bran, salt, cinnamon, sugar, blueberries and mashed banana into a bowl.

In a separate bowl or jug, mix together the milk, baking soda, egg, vanilla and melted margarine; add to the other ingredients and mix until just combined.

Spoon batter into muffin tins; place in oven and bake for 18-20 minutes or until a skewer inserted comes out clean.

Baked Chicken in rice

Step 1 While dough is rising, prepare topping. Pound garlic, oil and rosemary together, then brush lightly over sliced vegetables. Grill vegetables until tender. Set aside. Heat a baking tray or pizza stone in an oven set to its highest setting.

Step 2 For lamb, heat mince in a non-stick pan. Add onion and garlic. When tender, add remaining ingredients.

Step 3 Spread each pizza base with half the sauce, a sprinkle of oregano, half the vegetables and half the lamb mixture. Top with half the cheese.

Step 4 Slide pizzas, paper and all, onto a hot tray in the oven. Bake for 2 minutes, then slip paper out from underneath. Cook for a few more minutes, then slide cooked pizzas from oven tray.

Step 5 Serve with a mixed salad sprinkled with fresh parsley.

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Michael Jones

Here is a presentation me and Kashya have made together. Hope you like it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu, the famous Tongan rugby union player played 63 games for the All Blacks after debuting in 1994. This rugby player was thought of the first global superstar. He was a very intimidating player. His impact on the game was very impressive.
Jonah Lomu began dialysis in 2003 because he had a kidney problem. The side effects of the nerve damage could have meant that Jonah ended up in a wheelchair. Luckily for him Grant Kereama decided to donate one of his kidneys.
Jonah wanted to go back to play rugby but the doctors told him to quit because of his kidney. He didn’t bother to listen. Back to his job, Jonah Lomu tried to get in back to the All Blacks. He failed. So Jonah tried playing for Wellington and played in Wales plus Hong Kong. Finally he retired in 2007.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

William Webb Ellis

Football was played in Rugby School between 1750-1869. They were permitted to handle the ball, but they were not able to move with it. Hundreds of players were able to play because there was no fixed limit to the number of players. Major injuries were caused to the players as they played, because tackling was involved and with so many players on the field of course someone would get hurt. In the latter half of 1823 reports came that a 17 year old boy (William Webb Ellis) one day decided to move with the ball to the opposition's goal. This however broke the rules. William Webb Ellis had innovated a new version of the game. Every Rugby World Cup the trophy is given to the champion and guess what it is called! William Webb Ellis!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beep Test

4 laps later my lungs were not working. Puffing in and out I thought “COME ON GLORIA!!! Also Miss King and Miss V were pushing us too with encouragement. Striving to Succeed I tried my very hardest!!! “3,5” the system cried. At this time my legs were wobbly and it was so tiring that all I could hear in my hears were my heart thumping like mad!!!! I was beginning to struggle with my running. It was very odd, the feeling was.......... I can’t describe it but it was depressing. As soon as I got to the yellow line in level 4 lap 6 I groaned when the beep got called out. “OH, COME ON!!!” I moaned

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Transformers 3

Movies are the GREATEST!!!! That is exactly why me and my family went to watch the new movie.......... Transformers 3! Transformers 3 was the only thing I was thinking a about in my head!!! From all the way home to Helen Park cinema I couldn't stop moving. Nothing was on my mind except movies. As soon as we got to the cinema I dashed to the entrance then saw posters of movies, previews and more. Soon we all went straight to the counter. We first looked at the time when the movie started. After that a lady said "What would you like".

"Oh, um, I think we should have............ 2 medium popcorn and a small popcorn also a 2 medium drinks, one Fanta and one Coke. Another Coke only small......." answered my aunt. I wanted an ice cream so I suggested it to my aunt and she said yes. Hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn and drinks were all the stuff we bought. It was a very great time.

Sadly my aunt had to go so my mum had to supervise me and my cousins. Right after we got our tickets we went to a man who was standing behind a small counter. "Mum, give him the tickets" I said. My mum gave the tickets to the ticket collector and then he told us to go to cinema 1 so we made our way to the cinema. We were also told to sit anywhere. So our decision was to sit in the back.

Waiting for the movie to start we ate our popcorn and drank our drinks but soon the lights turned dim then previews suddenly turned up. 2 minutes later the movie started. First it showed the first person on the moon and there was a damaged ship that crashed and they had to explore the ship. It kinda scared me how the darkness covered the moon. When the astronauts entered the ship they saw a big metal face and it turned out to be a Transformer. Oh.... I have said too much!

I shouldn't have told you, sorry but your gonna have to see it yourself . Some parts of the movie had me sobbing but not hard out just tears. Stuffing the popcorn in my face the movie showed a part of the Auto Bots flying away in a ship back home because they were band from the whole world but one of the Megatrons blew up the ship and that's what got me leaking. Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and the others were killed. Earth became a battle ground and the Megatrons were taking over the world. They killed a lot of people, as this happened Sam was trying to save his NEW girlfriend (he has a new girlfriend because his other one got fired). And can you believe it, The Auto Bots were alive! They just wanted the people to believe that they were dead so they can help out.

I was so shocked I couldn't breath properly. But I relived they were alive! Finally they were able to defeat them just in time. Out of this whole movie I think that my favourite part has to be....... oh when Sam has a really rusty, dirty, ugly and broken car. It was because Bumblebee was on a mission. That is all I think. Hope you go watch it soon.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT IT IS THE LAST WEEK OF THE TERM!!!!! So the holidays are next week! Well it might even be the most hard working week of the term because Mr Burt has a motto called Finish It of Properly. So we are all doing this then that! We are all rushing like it is the end of the world!! Lucky for me because I have finished everything except my maths artwork. Just thinking ahead here, I am planning to go to the movies and watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. But I think my aunt will be going to the movies 3 times! So maybe I will go 3 times! Next term is the most exciting term for me!! 1 because the year 5s and up get to take their netbooks home!!!!! Secondly we are going find out who won the School is Cool competion (we entered it to win ipads for our school). Plus there is cross country!! All my friends will be missed by me!!! This term has been a fun term!! I wish it would never end but it will. I will miss everyone here at school!!!! Hope everyone has great holiday!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL YOU PEOPLE!!!!

Maths Artwork

Maths has been really fun this term, Miss King made it EVEN funnier!! Why, you may ask because she decided to use shapes to make a master piece. Miss King first showed us an example. Everyone had to do a draft in their maths book. It was very difficult for me! It took me 3 tries to get it right. After that rush it was time to publish it on a piece of paper. Finishing it off was all I needed to do. Here is the link to all the geometric artwork.

Wiggly Artwork

Miss King has given us a task to finish off our artwork. So we HAD to finish it this term. She calls it Wiggly Artwork. It took me a long time to finish it but it was worth it.


What was the problem and how did you decide to fix it?
The problem was that in winter it was very cold so we decided to fix it by making a winter uniform. One of our designs are a shirt with Velcro in it. It comes with selves and that also has Velcro inside it too. So it can be stuck together when you’re too cold. But if you’re too hot you are able to pull the sleeves off.
We are planning to use cotton for this design. Because the soft, fluffy staple fibre is very warm so our winter clothing is going to be made out of it.
We’ve also decided to make a rain coat for rainy days but they are only for seniors. Same for the first design. The rain coat is going to be made from water proof Nylon has to be treated with a waterproofing agent, then it won't let water in through the fabric.

Why did you choose the design that you did?
We chose this design because it would be helpful with its warmness and the Nylon will help with its waterproof powers.

What makes your new design better than before?
Our school has track pants but we decided to make it better by having zips so when it is a hot day and you are wearing track pants you can unzip it and we can put the in our bag or desk.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trip to Motat

“WOO, I CAN’T WAIT TO GET TO MOTAT!!!!!!!!” I screamed in my head. But Motat was still miles away. Just a reminder that Motat stands for Museum of Transport and Technology. Waiting impatiently I started to get really bored but I saw Motat getting closer I cheered, clapped and smiled. Getting off the bus I saw our Guide. Stacy Ward was her name. Stacy was really nice to us and knows lots of things. Anyway we went to a little class room and I am serious when I say little. We had to all squash up like sardines in a can.

Stacy did some explaining of when we come back for lunch and she told us the timetable for us. Room 14 went to the SCARY DARK obstacle course called the Tack Tal Dome. As for us we were told to go to a classroom upstairs in the museum for a little lesson on inventions. The inventions that were there were all very fascinating to learn about! There was so much to take in! After the lesson we were allowed to touch and look at the items that we had just learnt about.

But some of the items were not allowed to be touched. It was because the old items were very delicate. Most of the items were allowed to be touched. Rushing to the cameras, I grabbed a camera that was very different to the cameras now. Jordenne wanted a turn so I gave it to her. Next I had a little play with was the type writer. Stacy had told us that in the old days they used type writers instead of keyboards. Keyboards are now used. The type writer was my favourite because when I typed it was very cool! There were phones too. I had a look at the Dail Phones. Me and Jordenne pretended to talk to each other on the Dail Phones.

Miss King told us to split into our groups right after we all finished looking. I didn’t know who was in my group but I found out, it was with Aldora, Rocky and Uili. Our Guardian was Miss King. Exploring the museum was next on the agenda. So we all looked around. We had a look at the Victorian Village. “OH, that’s just plain scary!” I shivered. It kinda gave me the creeps. Because the fake people looked scary!! Plus it made me feel like their heads were about to turn around. Leaving the Willow Cottage it started to pour. Trapped under the little shed, we waited for the rain to stop. But there was no to time so we randomly ran somewhere inside.

There was a school. It was very realistic for a replica. Laughing at Miss King, I started to look at her for while. It was because Miss King was pretending to be a olden day teacher. She said they were very angry with the kids when they were naughty. Leaving the school it was time for the Mirror Maze. Racing back inside the museum we ran into the maze. As we got into the maze we looked for the way. But to be honest, it was the most easiest maze ever! It took me about 40 seconds. “Okay, so where should we go” Miss King mumbled, it was good thing she said that because there was a little house that had some fun and scientific stuff in there. “How about in there” Uili asked. We all agreed so Miss King let us go in.

Rushing into the little playhouse or house, we all went to something that was fun and at the same time we all had FUN. I was running but then I stopped I backed up and came to a mirror, but it wasn’t like any other mirror. This kind of mirror was very different to other mirrors. When I looked at it I was very......... short looking. The mirror was not the only thing I went to have a look. There was a little ride that me and Aldora went on. It was a little diner that had 2 buttons. Aldora and I hopped on and pressed a green button. Suddenly the little diner started shaking and moving like mad. I had remembered this in Rm10, the reason why it was shaking was because it was to give people an experience on earthquakes. It gave a lot!!

After me and my group had a play with the stuff we all knew it was nearly time to go back to the tiny classroom that Stacy explained the timetable and stuff. Just before that we looked at the Trams. And they were very cool. Then it was time lunch so we all made our way to the little classroom. There was finally enough room now that the chairs were taken away. Lunch passed by then it was time for Rm 13 to go to the SCARY DARK DOME!!!!!! I screamed and clapped!!!! I was too excited! As we approached the door of the Dome there was a man and a woman. They were our supervisors. We had to get into groups and the man explained a few things about the dome. Miss King picked some people to go and then I waited. I was sent to go with Jordenne and Uili.

Creeping into the dome it suddenly got darker. It got darker by the second, Following the walls I tried to find my friends. I manged to find Kashya but I lost her. I found a net then yelled "I found a net". My friends started to follow me or at least follow my voice. Uili climbed the net before me. But I didn't care. Sliding down a slide I thought we were stuck but again I followed the walls then I crawled into a little hole. A cool breeze went by me then I saw a air conditioner. It was a sign that I was getting closer. Kashya, Jordenne and some others had found me and followed me out. Another slide was found and I slid on it and thought it was a trap. There was light but thought nothing was there. But I pushed on the walls and I was free! The woman said "Good Job". Followed by was Uili, Kashya, Jordenne and others.

15 minutes was all that was left of the day so we were randomly strolling along the museum. Tractors, Cars, Planes and Bikes we all saw them! It was the best time ever!!!! Later that day the bus was here. Sighing and making my way to the bus everyone waited to get back to school.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Twits

Another story has been read to us by our teacher and now we have to retell our favourite part. Here is mine.

Hairy Mr Twit and dirty Mrs Twit stood on their heads as soon as they saw that their furniture was up on the ceiling. Sadly for them, two ravens had painted super sticky glue on their heads just as they walked inside.

Stuck tightly on to the floor, the disgusting Twits complained and blamed each other. “This is all your fault!” screamed Mrs Twit. “BE QUIET!!!” shouted Mr Twit.
Soon Mr and Mrs Twits faces turned pink. They were getting the shrinks. Their heads shrunk into their necks. Both of their necks suddenly shrunk into their bodies. As their bodies shrunk into their legs they were very frightened. Then their legs shrunk their feet. All that was left of Mr and Mrs Twit was a bundle of clothes.
Everyone cheered including the Roly-Poly Bird and his friends. The monkeys jumped up and down with glee!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Swimming was lots of fun when we were having races and enjoying free time. I think I could still improve on backstroke.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BFG Frobscottle

In the BFG’S dark, black, gloomy cave Sophie was seated next to the BFG. “ Try some Frobscottle, it is the most scrumdidliumptious drink ever,” said the BFG, while getting some Frobscottle from his cupboard. “This is a unusual drink, the bubbles are going the wrong way,” Sophie replied, very unsure and worried. The BFG put the Frobscottle on the table where Tiny Sophie stood. “Nonsense, that is the most flushbunking disastrophie ever! Everyone knows that if the bubbles go up then there will be a foalthsome belching burp,” said the BFG confused. “True but if the bubbles go down, it will end up somewhere different which will make a much more ruder noise and we think burping is fun,” Sophie disagreed. She started to giggle and smile.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Waiting outside for my friends I started to shiver then I knew that I had to go inside or else a cold would be upon me. Making my way inside room 22 I saw Miss King, Mrs Burt and all these other kids. Some were in my class and some weren’t. I sat on a chair and talked a bit then did nothing. Mrs Tele’a came in and marked the roll.

Mr Burt talked for a little while then he said a prayer. Suddenly Miss Tito came through the entrance and said “Oh, can you all come outside where the Kapa Haka group is?”. We all came and sat on the ground. Once again Mr Burt said a prayer then we waited...... and waited and waited..... finally the bus had arrived.

Getting in the bus I was so excited that I hugged Kashya and squeezed her. I was squashed like a teddy bear being hugged when I got in the bus. Too many people were pushing and shoving I couldn’t fit in the entrance but luckily I pushed myself in. Someone called out to go straight to the back, I couldn't.

So I chose a random seat. Then Laita passed by so I called out to her “Hey, come sit here”. She sat down next to me excited. The museum was getting closer and closer by the minute but it seemed like it took hours to get there. Minutes later we went inside the museum. Being excited was the last thing on my mind all I thought of was winning.

Inside was crowded, it was packed with people. Soon everyone was lining up at the elevator to get to the dome. Following my friends I said “WOW, there is a lot of people who want to watch”. The elevator was finally free so we hoped in then the doors closed. Then the elevator went up. To me every time I go on an elevator it feels like the fear fall. But it doesn’t fall down very quickly.

The dome was the most beautiful place ever!!! It had a amazing view of the city. Lights flashed on the city and some were turned off but it was still beautiful. Chatter here and chatter there, noise filled the room. Looking for our seats I looked at Kashya and said “Sit next to me”. Even the dome was filled with people. But there were 3 free seats in the front so I sat next to Kashya and Miss King. Firstly the Kapa Haka Group from our School performed then the presenters came on the stage.

The presenters were Robyn Malcolm from Outrages Fortune and Charlie from What Now! I was kinda freaked out because I have never seen them in real life until now! Some categories were said then these kids performed an Ukulele song, the first song was made by them which was called New Zealand but in Maori then a song called At The Beach. I was kinda enjoying it. There was a category that was called Best Production and there were some movies that were entered and our movie was up there. Our class screamed and shouted then Charlie said and "here are the finalists, ........... Don’t forget your roots by Room 13 Kings" we all got excited and screamed and clapped but I was not really excited because I was very nervous that we would win and I would have to go up there and speak. I was so nervous that my Paper from the museum was shredded

Some other movies were said then Charlie said “ And the winner is................. Don’t Forget your roots by Room 13 Kings. we ran up the red carpet and high fived Charlie. Rocky said thank you to our helpers I was suppose to do that as well but there was an early applause so I said nothing. Pretty sad (SNIFF, SNIFF)!
But we won anyway. The last category was Supreme which was won by my cousin Sela Pamaka and her group. In this Awards evening the most fun part was this choir called Pride of Auckland. Maybe you should go to their site. They are a very very VERY talented bunch!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back To The Future Part 2

Here is Back to the Future Part 2 from my writing.

Taking off in a big ball of fire, Jennifer begged “YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!!!! I WANT TO GO HOME!”. She felt very unsafe and frightened. Marty listened to Jennifer and tried to comfort her. Doc gave out a big mysterious laugh and said “Don’t worry, I have never failed before”. Landing in the future, Jennifer was relieved that they had survived the return to the future.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Back To The Future

Writing today was all about speech. So we used Back to the Future as the thing we wrote about. Because our topic for this term is Bigger, Better, Faster and Stronger so that is why because Back to the Future has inventions in it. Inventions are kind of what we're leaning. Here's my story of the ending of BACK TO THE FUTURE!!

Screeching wheels were heard as the DeLorean backed out from the drive way. Crammed inside was Marty and his girlfriend Jenifer plus the mad scientist-Doc. “Hey Doc, we better back up, we don’t have enough road to get to 88” said Marty who was frightened. Jennifer just sat there frozen, no clue of what had happened, she was really confused. Adjusting his shiny sliver glasses, Doc argued “Roads, where we’re going we don’t need roads”. Flying off in a big burst of fire, taking them to another adventure.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


1826 was the year of the very first snap shot or photograph which was in France. Jacques Daguerre improved the idea 12 years after the first photo. His camera was a box with a lens pocking out. Inside the box was a copper plate coated with silver.

George Eastman (an American) invented a small hand held camera. It had celluloid roll of film rather than a plate. After that in 1900 the Eastman Kodak Company made a box camera called a brownie. 1920-1940 better cameras have been made in Germany but they had expensive lenses.
Mostly people now use cameras from Japan.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quality Blog Comments

We were told to make a comment to a blog so we choose Mrs Yollis's class.
Here's a link to a blog post we read. And here is me and my partner's comment.

Hello Mrs Yollis,
We really find your post interesting. The Turkey Vulture is very cool. We have see some kiwi in the zoo. We never knew that a Turkey Vulture can smell death 2 miles away! It is pretty gross that they eat their own vomit!! Looks like we learnt a thing. Don’t you think the owl’s eyes look a bit creepy? The naked mole is very very gross because it’s naked. Some of us laughed.

Keep up the good work!!! We are really gonna come back here!!
From Room 13 at Pt England School

Monday, June 6, 2011

Na Na Thai Restaurant

GUESS WHAT?! I had a trip to Na Na Thai Restaurant. It explains why I am overly excited. Anyway let me tell you what happened. It was a calm dark night, me and my mum waited till 6.00. And when the clock stroke 6 o'clock we heard a noise. Wondering what it was I went outside to check. Suddenly lights came down the drive way then it faced me. I couldn't tell what it was because the lights beamed brightly at my face.

Soon the lights went out. When I opened my eyes it turned out to be a car. My mum came out to see what was going on. She hugged someone. Getting closer I said to myself "That lady looks familiar". As I got closer I remembered who it was. It was Marie (my mum's friend). This had reminded me that Marie was here to take us to a restaurant. Marie said to us "Both of you go in the back". Botany was a ahead. Which was a bit bad because it was far away and I get car sick. Luckily I fell asleep so I didn't throw up or anything. A push woke me up, I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful restaurant. Walking up the road I thought in my mind "PLEASE PLEASE CAN IT BE THAT BEAUTIFUL RESTAURANT". It turned out it was. And it was my lucky night! Entering the restaurant I saw a carved statue with a dress. The whole thing was carved even the dress.

Marie opened a door and the first thing I saw was a BIG HUGE crystal chandler. Then I looked down and saw tables and flowers. A very kind lady greeted us and bowed just like a Thai Tradition. Another lady took us to our table but it was different than the other tables, I thought that we were VIPS but it was just the same. Ordering was pretty fancy because to tell the truth I have never EVER had ordered in a restaurant! Dinner was the most scrumptious and nice part of the night.

1 because there was a nice and spicy roll that was called The Spring Roll. It was extra chilly with the chilly sauce which I like very much. Secondly I ate some chicken and rice. I had some Ginger Beer and my mum had a mango drink. Marie had wine same for her husband. It was only minutes then dinner was gone!! But desert was on it's way. I chose a ice cream dish that was for kids. It was strawberry and had a little cute face on it. Sprinkles added a great touch. Everything was amazing I wanted to live that moment again and this other time I went to...... opps sorry but that is a very different story. I would have to tell you later.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Wake Forest Friends

Pt England have had some friends from Winston Salem Wake Forest University USA come to see what we do. There were 9 visitors They came here to see how the teachers here teach us and it tuns out that it is very different from New Zealand to USA. One of our friends are Meagan, she stayed in our class. She's really nice and friendly!! We didn't really get to know her but she has worked with some of us.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Pt England Resort

The Pt England Resort is the best place I've ever been!!! In my apartment is a water bed facing a flat screen TV. Also there's a deck that has a great view of the sparkly water and the sun set. Most mornings you get breakfast in bed as well.

Activities like snorkeling, surfing, kayaking and swimming are amazing, because the sea is warm and clear. Best of all was snorkeling because I saw the beautiful shimmering fish. Angel fish, starfish and goldfish filled the sea. My favourite was the dolphin because I got to ride on them. This Resort is luxurious, fun and beautiful I wish I could have stayed there much longer but the day sadly finished.

Adding Detail to Sentences

Room thirteen have been learning about how to write a great story. One of the things to make a good story is to add detail to your sentences. Miss King told us to get a partner then she gave us three words to end with. Here are some of me of me and my partner's sentences.
The inventor invented a spaceship to go to the moon.
Who invented the spaceship? A monkey called Hairy.
The monkey gathered the tools to invent a spaceship to help him turn the moon into the shape of a monkey.

Friday, May 27, 2011

20 Hour Famine

A variety of people all round the world are participating in the 40 hour famine. Tonight kids are here at school to discover what the other kids from the other side of the world have to deal with. We are going 20 hours with no food. We are also here to fund raise some money that will get donated to them. Another challenge that my friends and I set for ourselves is to try and not talk! It's been nearly a whole day and we haven't really succeeded. Some of us are really hungry. You also have teams there is Blue, Red, Yellow and green my team is blue.

Over on the other side of the world people don't have clean water and barely have enough food. So they are always hungry and thirsty. Most of the food they get are the food on the ground. Plus they can catch diseases from the food on the ground. That means they might die. But that isn't even half of the problem! Sometimes they have to eat raw food to survive and some of the food are rice. Have you ever had to eat raw food!? Well these people sometimes have to eat food to survive. Did you know that every day a kid dies! Well what would you do if you lived somewhere where you only got food 2-3 times a week. For Me, Horrible!

Well now you have got an example of what it would be like living with no food." Go hard out for the Hungry! Maybe you would like to go to their website here is the link

By Gloria and Kaycee.