Friday, August 26, 2011


Donna from Sport Auckland came to teach Room 13 and other classes to play a game that I haven’t heard before. Badminton, that’s right Badminton. It’s like tennis but it’s not, this sport has a something called a shuttle. With it’s feathers on it, it can fly like a bird but there is a heavy part on the shuttle that helps it come back down.

Anyway on to the playing. “Okay, we are going to play Badminton soccer, so grab a partner”, Donna said. After Donna explained the rules we began to play. Severing the shuttle I powerfully hit it and up it went, into the air. As it came down, my partner (Ana) used hand eye coordination to hit it back.

Swinging my racket I noticed that I was going to miss. Ping! went the shuttle. A goal was given to Ana. Ana served it this time but I was determined to hit the shuttle and score a goal. My hopes were up she used quick body movement and was able to hit it back.

The shuttle came to me so I hit the shuttle to the target (Ana). Soaring through the air the shuttle flew back and fourth between my partner and I. Concentrating on the shuttle I used the underarm grip and manged to hit it back to Ana. She missed and I got a goal. After that game we played more exciting games but that is going to have to wait for another time.

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  1. Hi Gloria,

    I really enjoyed reading your story about Badminton. It is so interesting and your first paragraph really made me want to read on. You used really cool words and sentences. Keep up your fantastic writing!

    From Thea.