Friday, May 27, 2011

20 Hour Famine

A variety of people all round the world are participating in the 40 hour famine. Tonight kids are here at school to discover what the other kids from the other side of the world have to deal with. We are going 20 hours with no food. We are also here to fund raise some money that will get donated to them. Another challenge that my friends and I set for ourselves is to try and not talk! It's been nearly a whole day and we haven't really succeeded. Some of us are really hungry. You also have teams there is Blue, Red, Yellow and green my team is blue.

Over on the other side of the world people don't have clean water and barely have enough food. So they are always hungry and thirsty. Most of the food they get are the food on the ground. Plus they can catch diseases from the food on the ground. That means they might die. But that isn't even half of the problem! Sometimes they have to eat raw food to survive and some of the food are rice. Have you ever had to eat raw food!? Well these people sometimes have to eat food to survive. Did you know that every day a kid dies! Well what would you do if you lived somewhere where you only got food 2-3 times a week. For Me, Horrible!

Well now you have got an example of what it would be like living with no food." Go hard out for the Hungry! Maybe you would like to go to their website here is the link

By Gloria and Kaycee.


  1. OOOO I was wondering how you were getting on. I'm sure that you would find not eating MUCH easier than not talking!!!!
    All the best for a successful famine tonight, you've done well to get this far - should I tell you what I had for dinner? ;-)
    Make sure you sleep too, as Mrs Tele'a and Ms Squires wil be grumpy, grumpy, grumpy tomorrow if they don't get enough beauty sleep!!!!
    Go Hard Gloria and make a difference for kids round the world.
    Good night.

  2. Congratulations on a superb post and a superb effort to make a difference for children who don't have the necessities of life like regular meals. I love what you kids are doing. (and your teachers!)

    You are osum

    Mrs burt

  3. Well done on doing thetwenty hour famine. Great story to.

    Keep up the good work!!!