Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BFG Frobscottle

In the BFG’S dark, black, gloomy cave Sophie was seated next to the BFG. “ Try some Frobscottle, it is the most scrumdidliumptious drink ever,” said the BFG, while getting some Frobscottle from his cupboard. “This is a unusual drink, the bubbles are going the wrong way,” Sophie replied, very unsure and worried. The BFG put the Frobscottle on the table where Tiny Sophie stood. “Nonsense, that is the most flushbunking disastrophie ever! Everyone knows that if the bubbles go up then there will be a foalthsome belching burp,” said the BFG confused. “True but if the bubbles go down, it will end up somewhere different which will make a much more ruder noise and we think burping is fun,” Sophie disagreed. She started to giggle and smile.

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