Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Congruence and Corresponding Parts

During Maths time, I have been learning about congruence and corresponding parts. I don't know what this mean so I've been trying to figure it out.

Empathy DLO

empG101 7 from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
Here is my Empathy DLO I created to show what I think Empathy is. I completed in just a short period of time so that's why its not so long :) Enjoy none the less!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Coyote the Werewolf

Here is yet another Writing Challenge. This time, we had to write a Six Sentence Story. We had to use the infamous Once upon a time line to start off the story. Jorja and I worked together to produce this piece of awesomeness. The ending is random buuuuut Enjoy none the less :)

Once upon a time, there lived a vicious werewolf named Coyote. He lived by himself in a dank cave on an isolated island that was in the middle of nowhere. Coyote’s razor sharp claws helped him run impossibly fast, faster than any living thing on earth. Weirdly enough, Coyote was the only werewolf ever that was vegetarian. No matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t able to digest any form of meat and he was dying. During the last minutes of his life, a unicorn appeared in his cave, it leaned down next to him, Coyote and the unicorn both exploded into bright golden statues.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tiaki Taonga

During writing, Mrs Nua gave us a challenge called the Speed Writing Challenge. In just 10 minutes, we had to write something about Tiaki Taonga. Which is our school motto for the year. We were given 5 minutes to pair share then proof read it. Here's my peice of writing that I was able to complete in 10 minutes. Hope you like :)

Tiaki Taonga is most likely the most important korero I can think of. It’s all about caring. I think it’s one of the most noteworthy things to remember, not only at school but in and around different places. This helps as it reminds our kids on how to treat others and how to act the Pt England Way.

Why is this the most important korero to me? It has components that match many situations. Like Mr Burt says: our people, our success, our efforts, our school and our most treasured. A very good example of what Tiaki Taonga means.

Korero - Motto

The Aftermath of Cyclone Lusi

In class, we tried to write in different styles of writing. We were given a task to write a news report. So here it is.

John Campbell: In other news, Cyclone Lusi that started out in the South Pacific has finally passed from New Zealand. Kathy Stevens has more.

Kathy Stevens: What started out as a tropical storm, Cyclone Lusi produced many disasters around New Zealand. As you may know, many warnings were broadcasted around the country to prepare New Zealand for the worst. The weather caused several events like Polyfest to be canceled or postponed.

More than 2000 power outages were caused around New Zealand, Remuera being one of the unlucky places. There were many disasters due to the storm; fallen trees, flooded areas, rock falls and land slips. The worst of the storm was when it lashed out on Northern Auckland by the strong rain. But most of Auckland was less affected by the storm with less severe conditions.

John Campbell: Now, I understand that there was a report on a missing child out at sea during the cyclone. What happened there?

Kathy Stevens: Yes, well, the police were fairly pleased that no one was lost at sea after the report of the missing 11 year old boy. Out on Takapuna Beach, someone notified the police that the boy was taken by the sea. The police instantly launched a search with their helicopter but nothing was found. It turned out there was a misunderstanding so everything was fine. Kathy Stevens, Campbell Live.