Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tiaki Taonga

During writing, Mrs Nua gave us a challenge called the Speed Writing Challenge. In just 10 minutes, we had to write something about Tiaki Taonga. Which is our school motto for the year. We were given 5 minutes to pair share then proof read it. Here's my peice of writing that I was able to complete in 10 minutes. Hope you like :)

Tiaki Taonga is most likely the most important korero I can think of. It’s all about caring. I think it’s one of the most noteworthy things to remember, not only at school but in and around different places. This helps as it reminds our kids on how to treat others and how to act the Pt England Way.

Why is this the most important korero to me? It has components that match many situations. Like Mr Burt says: our people, our success, our efforts, our school and our most treasured. A very good example of what Tiaki Taonga means.

Korero - Motto

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