Friday, October 28, 2011

Lift Off

Sitting on my seat heat filled the air. Launch was approaching. In mere seconds we would leave Earth to discover the the mysteries of space.

Anxiously waiting for lift off it felt as if I would explode because of fearing the the historic quest. Would everything go as planned? Suddenly a call cried out for all Astronauts “Ignition”.

Fire shot out of the rocket boosters and a powerful force pushed the rocket into the air. My stomach was shuddering. Petrified of the leaving Earth, the ear shattering explosion made a bright blaze in the sky.

Taking off my seat belt, I looked down at Earth and thought of how dangerous this is but also adventurous. “What a journey this is?!” I said to myself.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Immersion Assembly

Making my way to the hall for Immersion Assembly I spotted the teachers in crazy funny costumes. “Look at Miss King, she’s wearing a tutu”. I giggled

Sitting down on the floor I realized assembly was starting.
Mr Burt introduced the Topic with a story. “Maui went to his great great great grandma and she gave him a bone from her jaw.” Mr Burt said. “The bone that Maui was given was used as the hook, Maui put some blood on the end of the hook and to his surprise he fished up the a huge fish also known as the North Island of New Zealand” Mr Burt continued.

At the end of his story he finally told us the topic which was Outta this World (this story is related to the topic because the bone was able to be seen in the stars, so it is called Manaiakalani which means the Hook from Heaven and Heaven is Outta this World!!!)

Teams 1, 2 and 3 had finished their item. So now was the time for team 4 to shine. “Twinkle, twinkle little star how wonder what you are” sang The Wiggles (this was a movie). Out came Miss King, Miss Squries, Mr Marks and Miss Garden. They were pretending to be ballerinas, no wonder why my teacher had a tutu.

Immersion Assembly is the best part about the first day to me. It is always exciting and funny to watch!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

All Blacks vs Wallabies

Did you see last night's Rugby game? All Blacks vs Wallabies. Guess who won?!! ALL BLACKS, of course!

Two countries were ready to battle for the last spot in the Grand Final. Australia was determined to make a huge upset for their nemesis New Zealand. Both teams were desperate to make the Final.

The AB's had their chance to perform their frightening Kapa o Pango. The shouts of the All Blacks petrified the Wallabies. Passionate and proud the All Blacks ended their Kapa o Pango with their intimidating war cries.

In the first 5 minutes Piri Weepu passed the ball to Cruden. Aaron Cruden to Israel Dagg, he throws a dummy and gives a burst of speed to the try line. Israel gets tackled but Ma'a Nonu was there for support so Israel passes the ball accurately, Ma'a Nonu caught the ball and dives for the try.

For the conversion Piri Weepu kicks but sadly he misses. About 13 minutes later 8 points to New Zealand and Australia still had zero. Eventually Wallabies had a chance to get a try. There was great run from number 11, he barges through the defense like a charging bull but he didn't get to the line.

Australia scored 3 from a penalty kick. On the score board it was 8 to 3. After that challenging game the All Blacks were very successful once again and were going to the Grand Final. The score was 20 to 6.

I am very sure that the All Blacks will win the Webb Ellis when they play France but you never know. GO ALL BLACKS!!!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


New Zealand Warriors were in the rugby league grand final and there was a major upset. But I am not going to tell you who lost.

Warriors were playing the undefeated Manly Sea Eagles in Sydney. Which was on the 2nd of October. Anxiously running to the try line Manu Vatuvai dived for the try, he knew that his team desire to win to lift the trophy.

Feeling very worried for the Warriors I noticed that Manly Sea Eagles were in the lead. Barging through the defence the Manly Sea Eagles had scored another try, once again the they were victorious. I was sad to hear that we had lost the grand final. Maybe next time the Warriors will improve and will be champions of rugby league.

Warriors made a great attempt. I hope the Warriors try to be more victorious next time.

Thinking Hats

What did I enjoy?
Podcasting has been really fun for me lately. Because I get to read books and record with my partner. Maybe I should read more books so I can do MORE podcasts. And next year too!!!

Things I didn’t enjoy.
Being filmed in front of the camera isn’t one of my favourite things to do. The reason why is because I am REALLY shy but my confidence is growing. Most of the time I don’t like to do maths as it is a struggle. So next term this can be one of my goals to improve my maths skills.

What did I learn?
From Aussie Rules I have learnt to do a drop punt. It has been very helpful because I use to kick randomly but now I kick straight.

How do I feel about my term overall?
The term has been alright, I have had some ups and downs but it was okay. So I feel pretty good about this term. Why? Because good things have been happening to me just like me getting into the production and it was truly amazing!! I feel that this will boost my confidence for next year.

What did I find most interesting?
Badminton. Since I haven’t heard of it I would find it VERY interesting. That is one reason. Secondly it is interesting because it is similar to tennis but the difference is that Badminton has a shuttle instead of a tennis ball. Also it is loads of fun.

What could I have done better to help my learning?
Concentrating and listening is what I need to do better for me to improve. And try not to talk to my friends when the teacher is talking. I believe doing maths whizz at home will help me improve my maths skills.

Sonny Bill Williams

Bravely awaiting for the match to start Sonny Bill got himself organized in the dressing room. He planned his scheme and waited for the time to come. The All Blacks had just got on the field as the crowd roared Sonny Bill’s name.

Anxiously running to the try line, Sonny Bill Williams gave a burst of speed. Gliding on the field Sonny Bill dived for a try. He had just proven himself a great player. The crowd cheered loud like lightning “SBW, SBW, SBW!!!”

It was a challenging game but the All Blacks won!!! Victory was in the All Blacks hands.