Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Transformers 3

Movies are the GREATEST!!!! That is exactly why me and my family went to watch the new movie.......... Transformers 3! Transformers 3 was the only thing I was thinking a about in my head!!! From all the way home to Helen Park cinema I couldn't stop moving. Nothing was on my mind except movies. As soon as we got to the cinema I dashed to the entrance then saw posters of movies, previews and more. Soon we all went straight to the counter. We first looked at the time when the movie started. After that a lady said "What would you like".

"Oh, um, I think we should have............ 2 medium popcorn and a small popcorn also a 2 medium drinks, one Fanta and one Coke. Another Coke only small......." answered my aunt. I wanted an ice cream so I suggested it to my aunt and she said yes. Hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn and drinks were all the stuff we bought. It was a very great time.

Sadly my aunt had to go so my mum had to supervise me and my cousins. Right after we got our tickets we went to a man who was standing behind a small counter. "Mum, give him the tickets" I said. My mum gave the tickets to the ticket collector and then he told us to go to cinema 1 so we made our way to the cinema. We were also told to sit anywhere. So our decision was to sit in the back.

Waiting for the movie to start we ate our popcorn and drank our drinks but soon the lights turned dim then previews suddenly turned up. 2 minutes later the movie started. First it showed the first person on the moon and there was a damaged ship that crashed and they had to explore the ship. It kinda scared me how the darkness covered the moon. When the astronauts entered the ship they saw a big metal face and it turned out to be a Transformer. Oh.... I have said too much!

I shouldn't have told you, sorry but your gonna have to see it yourself . Some parts of the movie had me sobbing but not hard out just tears. Stuffing the popcorn in my face the movie showed a part of the Auto Bots flying away in a ship back home because they were band from the whole world but one of the Megatrons blew up the ship and that's what got me leaking. Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and the others were killed. Earth became a battle ground and the Megatrons were taking over the world. They killed a lot of people, as this happened Sam was trying to save his NEW girlfriend (he has a new girlfriend because his other one got fired). And can you believe it, The Auto Bots were alive! They just wanted the people to believe that they were dead so they can help out.

I was so shocked I couldn't breath properly. But I relived they were alive! Finally they were able to defeat them just in time. Out of this whole movie I think that my favourite part has to be....... oh when Sam has a really rusty, dirty, ugly and broken car. It was because Bumblebee was on a mission. That is all I think. Hope you go watch it soon.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT IT IS THE LAST WEEK OF THE TERM!!!!! So the holidays are next week! Well it might even be the most hard working week of the term because Mr Burt has a motto called Finish It of Properly. So we are all doing this then that! We are all rushing like it is the end of the world!! Lucky for me because I have finished everything except my maths artwork. Just thinking ahead here, I am planning to go to the movies and watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. But I think my aunt will be going to the movies 3 times! So maybe I will go 3 times! Next term is the most exciting term for me!! 1 because the year 5s and up get to take their netbooks home!!!!! Secondly we are going find out who won the School is Cool competion (we entered it to win ipads for our school). Plus there is cross country!! All my friends will be missed by me!!! This term has been a fun term!! I wish it would never end but it will. I will miss everyone here at school!!!! Hope everyone has great holiday!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL YOU PEOPLE!!!!

Maths Artwork

Maths has been really fun this term, Miss King made it EVEN funnier!! Why, you may ask because she decided to use shapes to make a master piece. Miss King first showed us an example. Everyone had to do a draft in their maths book. It was very difficult for me! It took me 3 tries to get it right. After that rush it was time to publish it on a piece of paper. Finishing it off was all I needed to do. Here is the link to all the geometric artwork.

Wiggly Artwork

Miss King has given us a task to finish off our artwork. So we HAD to finish it this term. She calls it Wiggly Artwork. It took me a long time to finish it but it was worth it.


What was the problem and how did you decide to fix it?
The problem was that in winter it was very cold so we decided to fix it by making a winter uniform. One of our designs are a shirt with Velcro in it. It comes with selves and that also has Velcro inside it too. So it can be stuck together when you’re too cold. But if you’re too hot you are able to pull the sleeves off.
We are planning to use cotton for this design. Because the soft, fluffy staple fibre is very warm so our winter clothing is going to be made out of it.
We’ve also decided to make a rain coat for rainy days but they are only for seniors. Same for the first design. The rain coat is going to be made from water proof Nylon has to be treated with a waterproofing agent, then it won't let water in through the fabric.

Why did you choose the design that you did?
We chose this design because it would be helpful with its warmness and the Nylon will help with its waterproof powers.

What makes your new design better than before?
Our school has track pants but we decided to make it better by having zips so when it is a hot day and you are wearing track pants you can unzip it and we can put the in our bag or desk.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trip to Motat

“WOO, I CAN’T WAIT TO GET TO MOTAT!!!!!!!!” I screamed in my head. But Motat was still miles away. Just a reminder that Motat stands for Museum of Transport and Technology. Waiting impatiently I started to get really bored but I saw Motat getting closer I cheered, clapped and smiled. Getting off the bus I saw our Guide. Stacy Ward was her name. Stacy was really nice to us and knows lots of things. Anyway we went to a little class room and I am serious when I say little. We had to all squash up like sardines in a can.

Stacy did some explaining of when we come back for lunch and she told us the timetable for us. Room 14 went to the SCARY DARK obstacle course called the Tack Tal Dome. As for us we were told to go to a classroom upstairs in the museum for a little lesson on inventions. The inventions that were there were all very fascinating to learn about! There was so much to take in! After the lesson we were allowed to touch and look at the items that we had just learnt about.

But some of the items were not allowed to be touched. It was because the old items were very delicate. Most of the items were allowed to be touched. Rushing to the cameras, I grabbed a camera that was very different to the cameras now. Jordenne wanted a turn so I gave it to her. Next I had a little play with was the type writer. Stacy had told us that in the old days they used type writers instead of keyboards. Keyboards are now used. The type writer was my favourite because when I typed it was very cool! There were phones too. I had a look at the Dail Phones. Me and Jordenne pretended to talk to each other on the Dail Phones.

Miss King told us to split into our groups right after we all finished looking. I didn’t know who was in my group but I found out, it was with Aldora, Rocky and Uili. Our Guardian was Miss King. Exploring the museum was next on the agenda. So we all looked around. We had a look at the Victorian Village. “OH, that’s just plain scary!” I shivered. It kinda gave me the creeps. Because the fake people looked scary!! Plus it made me feel like their heads were about to turn around. Leaving the Willow Cottage it started to pour. Trapped under the little shed, we waited for the rain to stop. But there was no to time so we randomly ran somewhere inside.

There was a school. It was very realistic for a replica. Laughing at Miss King, I started to look at her for while. It was because Miss King was pretending to be a olden day teacher. She said they were very angry with the kids when they were naughty. Leaving the school it was time for the Mirror Maze. Racing back inside the museum we ran into the maze. As we got into the maze we looked for the way. But to be honest, it was the most easiest maze ever! It took me about 40 seconds. “Okay, so where should we go” Miss King mumbled, it was good thing she said that because there was a little house that had some fun and scientific stuff in there. “How about in there” Uili asked. We all agreed so Miss King let us go in.

Rushing into the little playhouse or house, we all went to something that was fun and at the same time we all had FUN. I was running but then I stopped I backed up and came to a mirror, but it wasn’t like any other mirror. This kind of mirror was very different to other mirrors. When I looked at it I was very......... short looking. The mirror was not the only thing I went to have a look. There was a little ride that me and Aldora went on. It was a little diner that had 2 buttons. Aldora and I hopped on and pressed a green button. Suddenly the little diner started shaking and moving like mad. I had remembered this in Rm10, the reason why it was shaking was because it was to give people an experience on earthquakes. It gave a lot!!

After me and my group had a play with the stuff we all knew it was nearly time to go back to the tiny classroom that Stacy explained the timetable and stuff. Just before that we looked at the Trams. And they were very cool. Then it was time lunch so we all made our way to the little classroom. There was finally enough room now that the chairs were taken away. Lunch passed by then it was time for Rm 13 to go to the SCARY DARK DOME!!!!!! I screamed and clapped!!!! I was too excited! As we approached the door of the Dome there was a man and a woman. They were our supervisors. We had to get into groups and the man explained a few things about the dome. Miss King picked some people to go and then I waited. I was sent to go with Jordenne and Uili.

Creeping into the dome it suddenly got darker. It got darker by the second, Following the walls I tried to find my friends. I manged to find Kashya but I lost her. I found a net then yelled "I found a net". My friends started to follow me or at least follow my voice. Uili climbed the net before me. But I didn't care. Sliding down a slide I thought we were stuck but again I followed the walls then I crawled into a little hole. A cool breeze went by me then I saw a air conditioner. It was a sign that I was getting closer. Kashya, Jordenne and some others had found me and followed me out. Another slide was found and I slid on it and thought it was a trap. There was light but thought nothing was there. But I pushed on the walls and I was free! The woman said "Good Job". Followed by was Uili, Kashya, Jordenne and others.

15 minutes was all that was left of the day so we were randomly strolling along the museum. Tractors, Cars, Planes and Bikes we all saw them! It was the best time ever!!!! Later that day the bus was here. Sighing and making my way to the bus everyone waited to get back to school.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Twits

Another story has been read to us by our teacher and now we have to retell our favourite part. Here is mine.

Hairy Mr Twit and dirty Mrs Twit stood on their heads as soon as they saw that their furniture was up on the ceiling. Sadly for them, two ravens had painted super sticky glue on their heads just as they walked inside.

Stuck tightly on to the floor, the disgusting Twits complained and blamed each other. “This is all your fault!” screamed Mrs Twit. “BE QUIET!!!” shouted Mr Twit.
Soon Mr and Mrs Twits faces turned pink. They were getting the shrinks. Their heads shrunk into their necks. Both of their necks suddenly shrunk into their bodies. As their bodies shrunk into their legs they were very frightened. Then their legs shrunk their feet. All that was left of Mr and Mrs Twit was a bundle of clothes.
Everyone cheered including the Roly-Poly Bird and his friends. The monkeys jumped up and down with glee!!!