Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Transformers 3

Movies are the GREATEST!!!! That is exactly why me and my family went to watch the new movie.......... Transformers 3! Transformers 3 was the only thing I was thinking a about in my head!!! From all the way home to Helen Park cinema I couldn't stop moving. Nothing was on my mind except movies. As soon as we got to the cinema I dashed to the entrance then saw posters of movies, previews and more. Soon we all went straight to the counter. We first looked at the time when the movie started. After that a lady said "What would you like".

"Oh, um, I think we should have............ 2 medium popcorn and a small popcorn also a 2 medium drinks, one Fanta and one Coke. Another Coke only small......." answered my aunt. I wanted an ice cream so I suggested it to my aunt and she said yes. Hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn and drinks were all the stuff we bought. It was a very great time.

Sadly my aunt had to go so my mum had to supervise me and my cousins. Right after we got our tickets we went to a man who was standing behind a small counter. "Mum, give him the tickets" I said. My mum gave the tickets to the ticket collector and then he told us to go to cinema 1 so we made our way to the cinema. We were also told to sit anywhere. So our decision was to sit in the back.

Waiting for the movie to start we ate our popcorn and drank our drinks but soon the lights turned dim then previews suddenly turned up. 2 minutes later the movie started. First it showed the first person on the moon and there was a damaged ship that crashed and they had to explore the ship. It kinda scared me how the darkness covered the moon. When the astronauts entered the ship they saw a big metal face and it turned out to be a Transformer. Oh.... I have said too much!

I shouldn't have told you, sorry but your gonna have to see it yourself . Some parts of the movie had me sobbing but not hard out just tears. Stuffing the popcorn in my face the movie showed a part of the Auto Bots flying away in a ship back home because they were band from the whole world but one of the Megatrons blew up the ship and that's what got me leaking. Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and the others were killed. Earth became a battle ground and the Megatrons were taking over the world. They killed a lot of people, as this happened Sam was trying to save his NEW girlfriend (he has a new girlfriend because his other one got fired). And can you believe it, The Auto Bots were alive! They just wanted the people to believe that they were dead so they can help out.

I was so shocked I couldn't breath properly. But I relived they were alive! Finally they were able to defeat them just in time. Out of this whole movie I think that my favourite part has to be....... oh when Sam has a really rusty, dirty, ugly and broken car. It was because Bumblebee was on a mission. That is all I think. Hope you go watch it soon.

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