Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Safety of the Kids-Self Explaining Roads Form

Currently in extension, we are learning a lot about Self Explaining Roads. Self Explaining Roads are the islands on the sides of the roads. Each of us created a form for people to fill out about these little islands. Here's a link to fill it out. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Travis And Sensei Chang: The Misunderstanding

With wind blowing against his back, Travis stretched his aching arms and grabbed onto a ledge of the treacherous mountain. Struggling to the reach the point of his destination, his straining arm slipped off the unsteady rocks that were bound to break. He reached the top of the lofty peak, felt so relieved. “Finally” Travis thought to himself as a bead of sweat rolled down his forehead.

Trudging through the thick snow, he made his way up the icy steps to find a hefty door. He lifted his hand and knocked. Clanking chains echoed throughout the dojo. Creaking open, there before Travis’s eyes stood a very tall Sensei Chang.

Travis stood there speechless, twiddling with his fingers. To show respect, he bowed and smiled. The sensei stood there with one eyebrow raised. Travis felt as if Chang was staring into his soul, his penetrating stare petrified him. Then the sensei pointed away to his right ever so strictly. SLAM! The door closed shut.

Disappointed, Travis’s shoulder drooped and his head fell. Looking down to the ground, he closed his eyes and sat down. “He just doesn’t realize how awesome I really am, I just have to prove it” thought Travis. Day and night, he meditated until he opened one eye and peeped a look. Standing there in front of him was the sensei. Travis felt so much more confident, he was definitely expecting to get in. But to his surprise, once again Chang pointed to the right side of him.

“What a waste of my time” Travis whispered to himself. With his head held down he stood up and dragged himself away. Looking out to the huge mountains, he then realizes something. “I did not just climb these huge big mountain and meditate all day and night to find myself being rejected by an old long bearded man”. Clenching his fists, he turned around and BAM! He kicked the door down and stepped back into position.

Sensei Chang couldn’t believe what just had happened. In his martial arts stance, he challenged Chang. Once again, the Sensei instantly pointed to his right. Taking the chance to look where he was pointing, Travis saw a sign that read: Use the side-door. “Oh” Travis released. “Hehe” he chuckled, embarrassed.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Hourglass

It was a cold, dark, gloomy night. I stumbled upon an abandoned hut deep in the heart of the forest. I was just about to enter the hut when suddenly, ripping through the branches of the trees behind me, a tiger cub breaks through.

It’s whiskers twitch as it trots towards me. Purring, it brushes against my legs. “Aww!” I pick up it’s tiny little limb body and start patting it’s furry head. Weirdly enough, it had a collar. “Funny” I say to myself. ‘Camo’ it read. Turning to the door, I reach for the old crooked knob. Just as I twist the knob of the door, it flies open.

Slowly creeping into the hut, the tiger cub digs his head into my arms. I feel Camo’s body shaking. In front of a rocking chair, I see a fire flickering away in the air uncontrollably. All around me, shelves full of books, cups and bowls. They were just really boring withered things that look like they’ve been there for thousands of years.

Then in the corners of my eyes, I see an hourglass. I put Camo on the ground to grab the hour glass, he curls up next to the fire. Picking up the hourglass, I turn it upside down. The sand unexpectedly started to glow. All the furniture raised off the ground and was floating in mid-air. The door was closing and shutting, closing and shutting, it wouldn't stop. Camo was so confused as he watched me.

Light shined through the cracks of the hour glass. I can see that it was breaking. There was an ear shattering sound that was echoing out of it. It somehow opened up, sucking everything around it. I threw it on the ground. Camo is trying to run to me but he’s then dragged along the now broken wooden floor. He’s sucked in and I jumped in to save him.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Road to Healthy Heaven

Untitled This painting was created by Kaycee and I. We were given a task to create something. So we created a message to the community about healthy eating. This painting is about choosing healthy food choices. Hope you like it. The road represents the road to a healthy life.  The heart obviously represents a healthy heart. Hope you like it!