Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good News Camp

Good News Camp, a camp where we learn more about Christ. It lasted 3 days. Theresa is a missionary who came from the Philippines to Tonga. She has been in Tonga for 20 years now! Teaching kids songs, verses and stories about Christ. She was the one running the camp.

On the first day of Good News Camp, my cousins (Popi, Paul JR and Maryanne) and I filled out a form where we had to write down our name, address, school etc. Theresa gave each of us a name tag. There was also 2 other girls who joined in the club and their names were Linlay and Eliza.

Most of the verses we were taught was in the book John. One of the many was:
John chapter 10:11
"I am the good shepard, the good shepard gives his life for the sheep". For me this verse meant Jesus is our shepard, obviously and we are his sheep. Just like a shepard he knows each of our names and can tell which one is which.

Another verse we learnt that day was:
John chapter 6:35
"I am the bread of life, he who comes to me will never hunger".

Here are the rest of the verses we learnt:

John chapter 8:12
"I am the light of the world. He who follows me will never walk in darkness but have the light of life".

John chapter 11:25
"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, though he were dead yet shall he live".
That reminds me Theresa told us a story about Jesus raising a man named Lazarus from the dead. In a tomb, Lazarus was wrapped then Jesus yelled out "Lazarus! COME OUT!". As an activity, we were given a toilet paper roll and had to wrap Popi and Paul JR. Maryanne and Paul JR were one team and Popi, Eliza and I were another.

"GO!", in an instant Eliza and I quickly wrapped Popi's head. Carefully going around his nose we wrapped up his body. Popi seemed to get toilet paper in his mouth, pieces of the toilet paper started to tear off. I glanced to Maryanne, her wrapping was perfect! Handing the paper to Eliza she went around his legs, careful not to rip it.

After both boys were wrapped, Theresa gave them instructions of what to do next. She shouted out "Lazarus! Come OUT!". Paul JR and Popi broke out of the paper. That experience was so fun! I would really like to do it again.

Theresa told us a story about a Scottish missionary women named Mary Slessor who went to Africa to teach people the word of God. This story turns out to be true. To read this story yourself here is a link. There was a song that talked about missionarys and it goes like this:

Be a missionary every day! (clap)
Tell the world that Jesus is the way!
When your in the town or country
or the busy avenue!
Africa or Asia, the task is up to YOU!
So, Be a missionary every day! (clap)
Tell the world that Jesus is the way!
The Lord is soon returning
There is no time to lose, so
Be a missionary
God’s own missionary
Be a missionary today!
Let’s GO!!!

On the second day of the camp, we made special bracelets that had different coloured beads. Each coloured bead represented something. Yellow for heaven. Which has streets paved with gold. Black means the sins that have displeased God and Jesus. Red represents the blood that Jesus shed on the cross for our sins. White for Jesus cleansing us from darkness. Last but least is green where we have to grow in God. Meaning we read his word, pray and accept Jesus into our heart.

What I've learnt from this camp is to trust Jesus and have faith in him. Also I've learnt to accept him into my heart, now he will be with me and never leave. Day 3 of the camp was a day at the beach but that's another story. A BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO THERESA!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fua'amotu Beach

Driving along the gravel road, my hair was blowing in the air. I turned to my right and watched a bunch of birds take flight. Palm trees were waving and I noticed we were nearly there. Fuamotu, such a beautiful beach and I couldn't wait to swim in the nice cold water.

Just so you to know, we had the WHOLE family come with us. Even the extended family. We found a shady spot which was perfect for when we were going to eat. Anyway, I rushed to the beach and dug my toes into the sand. Throwing my jandals, I rushed into the water until it was up to my knees. Suddenly a wave got me wet, my cousins laughed and we all started to swim and..... well... HAVE FUN!

One of the most exciting yet scary parts was when my cousin was dragging me to a deep part of the water. Let me explain it more specifically: As I stood on a huge rock, I stepped off, finding myself not able to reach the sand, so I quickly grabbed the rock and got back on it. Then  Fusi (my cousin) came up to me and asked me, "Hey, I'll show you something".  I said aloud "OH, I'm not going there"

 I knew she was going to take me to a deep spot so I declined. But she wouldn't take no for an answer. Laughing she pulled me off the rock and along the water where we were floating over a pit. I tried to stand up but it was helpless I couldn't reach bottom. Luckily one of my cousins Sue was on a board and so I grabbed hold of it. "PHEW!" I thought but I wasn't quite safe. A big wave was approaching. "LET GO", Sue shouted. The wave was upon us and I thought it was over forever. Sue yelled "WE'RE GONNA DIE!!". 

Fortunately the wave wasn't strong enough to push us over. Frantically swimming away I reached somewhere I could stand. It was really freaky but for some reason I thought it was kinda fun. That was because it was such a rush and it felt like life or death. 

After an hour or 2, it was time to eat. We were provided with roast pork, yam, BBQ chicken, watermelon and more. Maryanne, another one of my cousins and I sat on a mat and ate while we talked. I grabbed seconds and it was really delicious. 

Running down the sand and into the water, I was ready for round 2. Played games, swam around, dived and more but that had to come to an end. I really had a good time at Fuamotu! Especially with the family. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


What a year 2012 has been! And now it's time to meet 2013!!

Because of this very special occasion, my family and I went to a New Years service. It lasted from 10:00pm to 12 midnight. Surely it was tiring but I did manage to keep my eyes open. We sang hymns and read verses from the bible. When the clock exactly stroke 12, a marching band started to play. At the end we sang the national anthem and everyone hugged and said to each other "HAPPY NEW YEAR!".

Once we got back home, we had a little family meeting where we prayed and sang a few hymns. Afterwards we ate watermelon then it was time to do the fireworks!

There was a ton of fireworks and I mean a ton! A suitcase contained lots of fireworks! We got a bucket with sand in it and put the fireworks in it. For some reason, we decided to fire the fireworks in the middle of the road. This may sound pretty crazy and it was, but we did move the bucket when cars came. As they passed by we shouted out HAPPY NEW YEAR! Of course, we had supervisors, 3 uncles and 4 aunties watched  us making sure safety was number 1.

Firing out of the bucket the fireworks exploded in the sky and multiple colours were flaring. Our dogs were scared and so they came into the house and lay down. But as for us, we watched the fireworks shooting off in different directions. Soon after we got out the sparklers and waved them around which left colourful trails. This fireworks frenzy lasted until 2:30am. Most of the fireworks were used but we did leave some for another time.

 It was definitely really fun to see the fireworks and all the family together too. How did you spend your New Years?