Tuesday, January 1, 2013


What a year 2012 has been! And now it's time to meet 2013!!

Because of this very special occasion, my family and I went to a New Years service. It lasted from 10:00pm to 12 midnight. Surely it was tiring but I did manage to keep my eyes open. We sang hymns and read verses from the bible. When the clock exactly stroke 12, a marching band started to play. At the end we sang the national anthem and everyone hugged and said to each other "HAPPY NEW YEAR!".

Once we got back home, we had a little family meeting where we prayed and sang a few hymns. Afterwards we ate watermelon then it was time to do the fireworks!

There was a ton of fireworks and I mean a ton! A suitcase contained lots of fireworks! We got a bucket with sand in it and put the fireworks in it. For some reason, we decided to fire the fireworks in the middle of the road. This may sound pretty crazy and it was, but we did move the bucket when cars came. As they passed by we shouted out HAPPY NEW YEAR! Of course, we had supervisors, 3 uncles and 4 aunties watched  us making sure safety was number 1.

Firing out of the bucket the fireworks exploded in the sky and multiple colours were flaring. Our dogs were scared and so they came into the house and lay down. But as for us, we watched the fireworks shooting off in different directions. Soon after we got out the sparklers and waved them around which left colourful trails. This fireworks frenzy lasted until 2:30am. Most of the fireworks were used but we did leave some for another time.

 It was definitely really fun to see the fireworks and all the family together too. How did you spend your New Years?


  1. Hi Gloria!

    HAPPY NEW YEARS! Sounds like you had an awesome time with the fireworks! I wouldn't have been able to watch fireworks until 2:30 in the morning. You sure did do alot on your New Years! I mainly had a party. I really enjoyed reading this!

    I hope to read about Tonga soon!

  2. Happy New Year! It makes the teachers at Pt England School very happy to see you posting on your blog during the holidays. Well done.

    See you back at school on February the 4th.

    Enjoy the rest of the holidays and keep updating us on what you have been doing.