Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Show

"Can we go on the Pirate Ship?" asked Mino, my cousin. Havea, my cousin and Mino's eldest brother said yes but I said no. Since I didn't want to go on the SCARY ride I told them that they can go on the ride without me. They agreed with me and went on the ride. I took some photos of them and recorded them on the Pirate Ship. Mino was shouting loudly all I did was laugh. After the Pirate Ship we went on a really fun ride that was spinning. We took out 12 tickets for me and Mino and went on the ride called the Explorer. When we got into the seat and put down the bar to hold us in so we don't fall out after that we started to wait...and wait.. and wait. 7 minutes later we were spinning but you know what we weren't just spinning we were going up and down and up and down. Screaming like wild hogs I said "this is kinda fun". But it got bad, the ride stopped for 2 minutes then it went backwards which was much more worse! Right after the Explorer we went to a Ferris Wheel. This was pretty scary because I am afraid of heights and same for my cousin Mino. The ride was finished and now it was the time to go inside but we had 2 tickets were still in our hands. So we looked around and then Mino spotted a slide and it was only 1 ticket so it was really good. We had to climb up some stairs to get to the top and when we got up I told Mino "I'll race you". She said yes and then we did. Mino was winning so I knew I was going to lose but when we reached the ground I was in lead. So I won!! Then we went to the Animal Farm which was pretty cool because there were lots of animals. I LOVE animals!! But the only thing that was pretty bad was the smell. It was stinky I felt like I couldn't breathe. It didn't matter though I was looking around and I saw pigs and Bunnies I loved it. Me and Mino went on another big slide which was cool. Do you remember Havea from the beginning if you don't he's Mino's eldest brother. Anyway Havea gave us money to go on the slide 5 times. I went first and I was only sliding then Mino just came down and hit me. It was painful. After 4 slides I got really puffed out. I couldn't breathe properly but I got up and slid down. After that we left to go home which was pretty sad I really wanted to stay so bad!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It was a exciting day for me! Guess what we did, we went movies! The only thing that was not fun was waking up early. I was in bed and my mum woke me up and I was pretty sleepy after that. She told to have a shower and get ready. Right after I had a shower I brushed my teeth then I got dressed. When it was time to go I said "Can we pick Kashya up". We went to Kashya's house but it wasn't easy. First we went to Hobson st but she wasn't there and next we tried Martain Place. Then we were looking around really carefully and my aunt spotted her mailbox number and drove in to her frontward. Waiting for Kashya I was nervous and started to kinda shake because her mum and her brothers were there so I was pretty shy. Kashya came and got in the car we drove to Sylvia Park. My aunt dropped us and we went straight to the movies. "AWWWWWWW, how long does it take to put on a movie" I moaned. After 9 minutes we went to see Hop. The new movie about Easter. It was really funny and really cool. There bunnies and chicks. It wasn't a movie or a cartoon it was both. I loved it. There was a part that EB (Eb is 1 of the characters) pretends to be a teddy bear and hugs a girl that thinks he is a cute little teddy bear. Also there is this part... Oh, sorry but your going to have to watch yourselves. I don't want to spoil the movie. After the movie we went outside and waited for my aunt to come and pick us up. 5 minutes later she came and Kashya went to her house happy and good. Same for us.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


On a Friday morning in assembly we saw a fantastic amazing great performance! Glee was performing their item. I was so excited that I was going to shout at the top of my lungs, I didn’t but lots of other people did! Nearly the whole hall was shouting and screaming. They were a bunch of wild animals! Looking at the stage with excitement I said “Ummmm how long does it take to just to put on some music”. 5 minutes later there some music playing the tune was pretty sad because it had a little slide show that really warmed my heart. I was about to cry but of course I didn’t. There was a ballerina and cultures too. Sports like Netball and Rugby were on the stage too people were playing with it. It was great. After that performance they did another item and this time it was a rap(this rap was made by Lepa). The rap was about the Pt England Way. They did some cool moves. It was catchy and it was pretty AWESOME! I was clapping and shouting. Right after the show we went to class but I wanted to stay and watch again.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Netball Trials

After school I went to netball trials so I could play netball. It kinda gave me the nerves I really wanted to play this sport for my school! Our coach Ane was teaching us some moves and training us too. We warmed up a little then we played some games that can help us play well. First we played a game that the person who is Centre has the ball and she has to pass it to anyone then the person who gets the ball has to tag a person not in their team. Before we played we split into two groups. One was the Red team and the other was called the Black team. Red was my team and I liked it because it had good people in it. Shouting like wild animals we asked for our bibs. Most of us wanted to be Centre so we were shouting "ME ME CAN I BE CENTRE". This time I wasn't lucky because I wasn't Centre, Hope was. But at least I was Wing Defence which was pretty fun to be. As soon as we played I tried my best and it turned out to be good. I was shouting for the ball so I can tag the other team. When Hope passed the ball to me I tried to tag one of my friends. But I missed so I passed the ball to the closest person to Shinika who was Asena. She tagged her and she was out. That game was exciting. Right after the game we did other games most of them were passing games. Our coach tested us, she passed the ball left,right and straight forward. Waiting to catch the ball I thought which way is she going to throw it to? When I stopped waiting she passed the ball and said "High" which means jump. As soon as we finished the game Ane said alright girls that's all for today. I sighed and went away. I had loads of fun! I can't wait for the next time I play Netball.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A meteor illuminated the sky. It was described to be the size of a desk. A brilliant blue and white light was seen in the sky around New Zealand and flashing lights too. Reports came mostly from Auckland and from as far south as Wellington. As well a sonic boom that was heard in Raglan.

Blog Transition

On an early Tuesday morning 32 eager children listened carefully to their teacher’s instructions.
It involved entering passwords and clicking links. We transitioned our blogs inside google apps.
This was a little bit hard, but it was worth it even though we had some trouble but it got on really good at the end. This was going to make life easier and better for for our online learning.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Do you think there is life on the moon? Well,if your thinking No you are right. But in 1969 three men thought there was new kinds of life on the moon so they went to the moon on a spaceship. Half off the spaceship went round one side and the other half went around the other side of the moon. Everything has water and air so without it you wouldn’t be able to breath. Luckily the men brought their own water and air. The moon had nothing like that. One of the men went outtof the spaceship and came back with soil but nothing was living in the soil not even a little bug so there is no life on the moon.