Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Show

"Can we go on the Pirate Ship?" asked Mino, my cousin. Havea, my cousin and Mino's eldest brother said yes but I said no. Since I didn't want to go on the SCARY ride I told them that they can go on the ride without me. They agreed with me and went on the ride. I took some photos of them and recorded them on the Pirate Ship. Mino was shouting loudly all I did was laugh. After the Pirate Ship we went on a really fun ride that was spinning. We took out 12 tickets for me and Mino and went on the ride called the Explorer. When we got into the seat and put down the bar to hold us in so we don't fall out after that we started to wait...and wait.. and wait. 7 minutes later we were spinning but you know what we weren't just spinning we were going up and down and up and down. Screaming like wild hogs I said "this is kinda fun". But it got bad, the ride stopped for 2 minutes then it went backwards which was much more worse! Right after the Explorer we went to a Ferris Wheel. This was pretty scary because I am afraid of heights and same for my cousin Mino. The ride was finished and now it was the time to go inside but we had 2 tickets were still in our hands. So we looked around and then Mino spotted a slide and it was only 1 ticket so it was really good. We had to climb up some stairs to get to the top and when we got up I told Mino "I'll race you". She said yes and then we did. Mino was winning so I knew I was going to lose but when we reached the ground I was in lead. So I won!! Then we went to the Animal Farm which was pretty cool because there were lots of animals. I LOVE animals!! But the only thing that was pretty bad was the smell. It was stinky I felt like I couldn't breathe. It didn't matter though I was looking around and I saw pigs and Bunnies I loved it. Me and Mino went on another big slide which was cool. Do you remember Havea from the beginning if you don't he's Mino's eldest brother. Anyway Havea gave us money to go on the slide 5 times. I went first and I was only sliding then Mino just came down and hit me. It was painful. After 4 slides I got really puffed out. I couldn't breathe properly but I got up and slid down. After that we left to go home which was pretty sad I really wanted to stay so bad!

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  1. Hey Gloria

    Sounds like you had so much fun this is from me asena rm 15 in the holidays.

    By Asena.