Thursday, April 7, 2011

Netball Trials

After school I went to netball trials so I could play netball. It kinda gave me the nerves I really wanted to play this sport for my school! Our coach Ane was teaching us some moves and training us too. We warmed up a little then we played some games that can help us play well. First we played a game that the person who is Centre has the ball and she has to pass it to anyone then the person who gets the ball has to tag a person not in their team. Before we played we split into two groups. One was the Red team and the other was called the Black team. Red was my team and I liked it because it had good people in it. Shouting like wild animals we asked for our bibs. Most of us wanted to be Centre so we were shouting "ME ME CAN I BE CENTRE". This time I wasn't lucky because I wasn't Centre, Hope was. But at least I was Wing Defence which was pretty fun to be. As soon as we played I tried my best and it turned out to be good. I was shouting for the ball so I can tag the other team. When Hope passed the ball to me I tried to tag one of my friends. But I missed so I passed the ball to the closest person to Shinika who was Asena. She tagged her and she was out. That game was exciting. Right after the game we did other games most of them were passing games. Our coach tested us, she passed the ball left,right and straight forward. Waiting to catch the ball I thought which way is she going to throw it to? When I stopped waiting she passed the ball and said "High" which means jump. As soon as we finished the game Ane said alright girls that's all for today. I sighed and went away. I had loads of fun! I can't wait for the next time I play Netball.

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  1. Hi Gloria, Sounds like you had a great time at netball trials, hope you get in but if you don't - you can have another go next year!!