Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Symbols that represent me.

As you can see there are four symbols on this photo, but counting the photo of me there are five. The first symbol which is the musical note represents me because I like to listen to music and play music using instruments.

Second is the cross. It tells you that I am a christian. I am Methodist if you want to know. The 3rd picture is the logo of my lovely school Pt England. It is important to me because school ids really really important.

Lastly is the Tongan Flag. Which reprsents my culture. It has bread and wine on top because my culture is very religeous. Click here to go and chek this exact photo on flickr.

I am not going to forget to tell you the reason why I made this. It is because it was a project we were making for extension.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Gloria!

    I love your blog post! Your symbols present you really well. My favorite is the Point England Logo. It's great that our school is really important to you. I REALLY like this blog post but I would also like to say how much I like the little description which you wrote. It really does describe you well.

    Keep up the great work!!!