Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning

I am learning to write an introduction that hooks my audience in. Here are 3 versions. Which Monday morning introduction do you like best and why.

Did you know 40 out of 52 Monday mornings I struggle to wake up!? It’s so tiring, and kids my age have to get 10 or more hours of sleep! But I have to put up with it.

Sleeping peacefully, I suddenly heard a shout, “GET UP!” my mum cried. All I wanted to do was sleep! Rubbing my eyes I whispered to myself “ Another Monday morning”.

Monday Mornings are the worst! Sometimes when I go school I am half asleep in class. I wish it’s a weekend morning but when I hear a shout my wishes are crushed.


  1. Hi Gloria,

    I like your 3rd paragraph. I like it because I feel the same way.

  2. I like number 4 and Monday morning is worst and I wish it still the holiday hahaha

  3. Thank you Kaycee you had the same choice as me xoxo