Friday, February 3, 2012

My Holiday in Tonga

Every year in December my family goes to Tonga, it’s like a tradition. Nearly everyday we go to the beach and that’s exactly what we did.

Wind blew my hair as we approached the beach. Rays of the sun shone brightly upon our faces. The shimmering water looker clear and clean.

Stepping into the sand I started running to the water (a bit hard though, since the sand was very deep). Waves washed into shore so I jumped in. Under the water it was cleaner than ever and clearer too! When waves hit us we always dived under, we would sometimes even spot fishes!

This beach was called Keleti. It’s a great beach to go to in Tonga! I certainly want to go there

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  1. Hi gloria
    your story was fantastic it had juicy words and a lovely photo to match. KEEP IT UP!