Monday, July 8, 2013

Little Red Ridding with a Twist

“Little Red? Little Red?” I heard my name echoing throughout the forest. Making my way over to a tall oak tree, I spotted a thin slit cutting through the bark. I ran my fingertips along the slit, when suddenly a golden reddish autumn leaf slowly floated down beside me. Instantly, I snatched it from the air. I pulled out my pen and wrote down a series of numbers across the leaf. Checking it twice, I slipped it into the slit on the tree.

Splitting open, the tree revealed a passage way. You’d think that nothing but wood and oak would be in a tree but surprisingly I found that the inside was lined with metal. There in front of me was a ladder leading downwards. Clutching on to the ladder I made my way down. I heard the tree door slamming shut and nothing but darkness filled the air.

Just as I reach the bottom of the ladder, once again I hear my name. “Little Red, we’ve been expecting you”, “Sorry, I’m late Director M. What do you want me to do now?” I asked unwillingly. “Well, we have recent reports that Wolves Incorporated have sent their best agent, BBW the Big Bad Wolf on a killing spree, so I said to myself, why don’t we send our best agent to do the job.” “UGH! Really? Fine, where was he last spotted?”.

Director M hands me a file containing all the information I needed to catch BBW. I take it, grab my red cloak and hood and head off. “Good Luck” says Director M. “Not gonna need it” I say while grabbing my gadgets.

Creeping through the woods, I see wolf prints in the grass and claw marks scratched against every tree. I follow the trees and find myself standing in front of my granny’s little old cottage. Out of nowhere, it started to pour rain, the clouds were dark and grey, the raindrops were like sharp daggers piercing through my back.

I walk up to the red door, the red paint was clearly peeling off. Mold and weeds were growing through the cracks. KNOCK! KNOCK! I knock on the door. “Huh” I chuckle. It had been a long time since I’ve been there. 5 years ago, I was visiting her when the big bad wolf nearly ate her alive, luckily I was there to save her..

KNOCK! KNOCK! Once again, I knock but it’s practically pounding now. Still no answer. In my frustration, I kick down the door. The unbelievable sight startled me, there in front of me on his knees was the wolf feasting upon my granny’s limp lifeless body.

His claws were sharp like knives. Slowly walking up behind him, his long ears twitched. Immediately, his head creeks towards to me. Growling at my presence, he opens his mouth and blood drops from each one of his teeth. I whip my cloak off and reveal all my guns. In my hand I held two guns pointing directly at him.

“I’ll shoot and I’ll shoot and I’ll blow your head off” I scream. Bullets started seeking through his huge body. “Grrrrr” he growls lying on his back. He jumps back on his feet and jumps on me, making me drop my guns. Using his claws, he attempted to slit my throat but I held his claws from reaching me. Stretching my arm, I reach for my gun. Struggling to hold the wolf and get the gun at the same time, the wolf managed to scratch my face..


By Kaycee and Gloria

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When Big gets Small!

Miss King gave my group and I an activity to do. Here are the questions and my answers.