Monday, August 27, 2012

Story Board

This a story board, I made. It shows my plan for my animation soon to come.

Shot Put Interview with Valerie Adams

My audience are kids who don’t know about shot put. I created this interview to inform kids about the techniques, history, rules, skills, talents and more (Valerie Adams is supposed to be telling them about it).

Kia Ora, and welcome to 3 news. My name is Hilary Barry and joining me today is the shot put world champion from New Zealand, Valerie Adams. So Valerie, for the people who don’t know about shot put, can you please tell us about this interesting sport.

Well, Shot Put is a sport using a small metal ball (cannon ball) that we push as far as we can. It must be catapulted from beside the neck, under the chin. To push the metal ball really far, it’s good to push it fast at 40 degrees. Not too high, not too low.

Good to know. What is the name of the style you use in shot put?

Actually there are 2 well known styles, first there’s the spin which is used mainly by a male elite shot putters, and for female elite shot putters like myself, we use the glide.

Tell me more about the glide.

Invented in 1951 by Parry O’Brien, from the United States, the glide involves the putter facing backwards, then rotating 180 degrees across the circle, then putting the small metal ball.

Interesting, if I were to participate in shot put, what are the skills and talents I would need?

Strength is very important as you are holding a heavy ball. You must be able to hold it and push it. To become very strong, like myself, the key is to exercise. It’ll make you fit and strong.

What kind of equipment do you use and where is it done in? A stadium, a court? I want to know more.

Shot put can be done in a field or a track. For equipment, you would need a shot, several sizes and materials have been made for each weight. Lastly you would need good footwear. Shot putters have special shot put shoes, which are designed for rotation. These shoes help us keep on our toes more.

Really? I didn't know that. Where do I stand on the field or track?

Shot Putters take their throw from inside a circle. In front of that circle is a stop board about 10 centimetres wide. If even one toe is on the board or outside the circle then disqualification is needed.

Now where do I aim my shot? Is there a restricted area I can’t push my ball into?

Competitors must aim their cannon ball somewhere in the sector. If thrown outside the sector, they will be disqualified.

You mentioned 2 things that will get you disqualified in shot put. How about telling us a few of the rules?
We only get 60 seconds to get into the circle and start. Take longer, and you're no longer competing. After you have had your turn, you must exit the circle through the back and I’m sure you know what happens if you don’t. This is just some of the rules.

WOW! These are rules that are quite interesting! Thank you for joining me and telling us about shot put. We really appreciate this.

I was glad to do this. Thank you!

Lisia, my friend has scored my writing with a total of 16/18

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Medal Design

For homework, the extension group had to make their own medal design. We had to imagine it was in New Zealand.

The tiki is made out of green stone. I have chosen the tiki to be made out of green stone so that NZ can share their precious icons with the world. Hope you like it!

Cross Country Practice

Huffing and puffing, I tried to inhale the cool air. Cross country practise is very tiring! I can't imagine what the real thing would be like.

As I had just taken off, I kept myself in a good pace. Passing other people, I saw them sweat and noticed they could feel the pressure like me. A while later, my legs suddenly felt like 2 tons of bricks! Trying to push myself forward, I slowed down. Miss Garden waited for people to pass her, reminding them of what lap they were on.

"2nd lap, here I come" I thought as I passed Miss Garden. Out through the gates I went. Soon after that, I was exhausted! The only thing I could hear now was the thumping of my own heart. "COME GLORIA!!" I encouraged myself. Breathing in and out I tried to catch my breath.

Walking through the breeze, I was onto my last lap. The only thing on my mind now was finishing this practise. But my legs began to hurt. Ignoring the pain, I picked up the pace. Near the end of the track, I gave a burst of speed to the end.

This practice was tiring but exercise is good. And I'm glad I finished it. Cross Country will be very hard and the course is very long but that's another story for another time.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Artistic Gymnastics

Here is an animation I made to show what Artistic Gymnastics is. Hope you like it!!


Celebrities are very amazing people who normal people want to be. They have either become famous because they’re singers, actors and much more. The following will inform you about 2 celebrities I decided to write about.

Cher Lloyd was discovered on X factor when she shared her talent by singing Turn my Swag on. She was mentored by Cheryl Cole, she was eliminated and was placed 4th. Although many people around the world love her and her songs.

Katy Perry used to be a religious singer, she wasn’t allowed to listen to what her mum called "secular music". She always went to christian schools and camps. Today,, Katy is one of the best singers I’ve ever heard. She’s sang lots of songs, went on tours and sold a lot of her albums. Many crazed fans want to meet her, like me.

Celebrities are people we look up to. They’re role models to us. I really love celebrities and their work.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Medley Swimming Relay

Medley Swimming Relay is a sport with 4 contenders in each team. They all swim in a type of style (which are backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle)after one swimmer from their team has finished his/her lengths.

Like most events, the target is to win. To win this game, the athletes must swim faster than his/her opponents. But still in the right stroke unless you want to be disqualified.

All contestants must wear a swimsuit as clothing creates a drag. Most swimmers wear a swimming cap, which helps them go faster than usual. Both these things reduce the drag. Along with these things are goggles, they give the swimmer vision underwater and to keep the chlorine out of their eyes. This event is done in a 50 meter pool.

Strength and energy would be something you would need in this sport. Being very healthy and fit helps too. These things enable the swimmer to go fast and push themselves in the water. Swimmers who compete in this sport train 6 hours a day. To train, Michael Phelps swims an amount between 10 and 19,000 meters per day. Crazy, I would say but that’s also determination.

Medley Swimming Relay is a very exciting event in the Olympics. I’ve actually never heard of this sport. Looks like I’ve learnt something new.