Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cross Country Practice

Huffing and puffing, I tried to inhale the cool air. Cross country practise is very tiring! I can't imagine what the real thing would be like.

As I had just taken off, I kept myself in a good pace. Passing other people, I saw them sweat and noticed they could feel the pressure like me. A while later, my legs suddenly felt like 2 tons of bricks! Trying to push myself forward, I slowed down. Miss Garden waited for people to pass her, reminding them of what lap they were on.

"2nd lap, here I come" I thought as I passed Miss Garden. Out through the gates I went. Soon after that, I was exhausted! The only thing I could hear now was the thumping of my own heart. "COME GLORIA!!" I encouraged myself. Breathing in and out I tried to catch my breath.

Walking through the breeze, I was onto my last lap. The only thing on my mind now was finishing this practise. But my legs began to hurt. Ignoring the pain, I picked up the pace. Near the end of the track, I gave a burst of speed to the end.

This practice was tiring but exercise is good. And I'm glad I finished it. Cross Country will be very hard and the course is very long but that's another story for another time.

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