Thursday, August 2, 2012

Medley Swimming Relay

Medley Swimming Relay is a sport with 4 contenders in each team. They all swim in a type of style (which are backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle)after one swimmer from their team has finished his/her lengths.

Like most events, the target is to win. To win this game, the athletes must swim faster than his/her opponents. But still in the right stroke unless you want to be disqualified.

All contestants must wear a swimsuit as clothing creates a drag. Most swimmers wear a swimming cap, which helps them go faster than usual. Both these things reduce the drag. Along with these things are goggles, they give the swimmer vision underwater and to keep the chlorine out of their eyes. This event is done in a 50 meter pool.

Strength and energy would be something you would need in this sport. Being very healthy and fit helps too. These things enable the swimmer to go fast and push themselves in the water. Swimmers who compete in this sport train 6 hours a day. To train, Michael Phelps swims an amount between 10 and 19,000 meters per day. Crazy, I would say but that’s also determination.

Medley Swimming Relay is a very exciting event in the Olympics. I’ve actually never heard of this sport. Looks like I’ve learnt something new.

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