Monday, August 27, 2012

Shot Put Interview with Valerie Adams

My audience are kids who don’t know about shot put. I created this interview to inform kids about the techniques, history, rules, skills, talents and more (Valerie Adams is supposed to be telling them about it).

Kia Ora, and welcome to 3 news. My name is Hilary Barry and joining me today is the shot put world champion from New Zealand, Valerie Adams. So Valerie, for the people who don’t know about shot put, can you please tell us about this interesting sport.

Well, Shot Put is a sport using a small metal ball (cannon ball) that we push as far as we can. It must be catapulted from beside the neck, under the chin. To push the metal ball really far, it’s good to push it fast at 40 degrees. Not too high, not too low.

Good to know. What is the name of the style you use in shot put?

Actually there are 2 well known styles, first there’s the spin which is used mainly by a male elite shot putters, and for female elite shot putters like myself, we use the glide.

Tell me more about the glide.

Invented in 1951 by Parry O’Brien, from the United States, the glide involves the putter facing backwards, then rotating 180 degrees across the circle, then putting the small metal ball.

Interesting, if I were to participate in shot put, what are the skills and talents I would need?

Strength is very important as you are holding a heavy ball. You must be able to hold it and push it. To become very strong, like myself, the key is to exercise. It’ll make you fit and strong.

What kind of equipment do you use and where is it done in? A stadium, a court? I want to know more.

Shot put can be done in a field or a track. For equipment, you would need a shot, several sizes and materials have been made for each weight. Lastly you would need good footwear. Shot putters have special shot put shoes, which are designed for rotation. These shoes help us keep on our toes more.

Really? I didn't know that. Where do I stand on the field or track?

Shot Putters take their throw from inside a circle. In front of that circle is a stop board about 10 centimetres wide. If even one toe is on the board or outside the circle then disqualification is needed.

Now where do I aim my shot? Is there a restricted area I can’t push my ball into?

Competitors must aim their cannon ball somewhere in the sector. If thrown outside the sector, they will be disqualified.

You mentioned 2 things that will get you disqualified in shot put. How about telling us a few of the rules?
We only get 60 seconds to get into the circle and start. Take longer, and you're no longer competing. After you have had your turn, you must exit the circle through the back and I’m sure you know what happens if you don’t. This is just some of the rules.

WOW! These are rules that are quite interesting! Thank you for joining me and telling us about shot put. We really appreciate this.

I was glad to do this. Thank you!

Lisia, my friend has scored my writing with a total of 16/18

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