Monday, July 4, 2011

The Twits

Another story has been read to us by our teacher and now we have to retell our favourite part. Here is mine.

Hairy Mr Twit and dirty Mrs Twit stood on their heads as soon as they saw that their furniture was up on the ceiling. Sadly for them, two ravens had painted super sticky glue on their heads just as they walked inside.

Stuck tightly on to the floor, the disgusting Twits complained and blamed each other. “This is all your fault!” screamed Mrs Twit. “BE QUIET!!!” shouted Mr Twit.
Soon Mr and Mrs Twits faces turned pink. They were getting the shrinks. Their heads shrunk into their necks. Both of their necks suddenly shrunk into their bodies. As their bodies shrunk into their legs they were very frightened. Then their legs shrunk their feet. All that was left of Mr and Mrs Twit was a bundle of clothes.
Everyone cheered including the Roly-Poly Bird and his friends. The monkeys jumped up and down with glee!!!

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