Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trip to Motat

“WOO, I CAN’T WAIT TO GET TO MOTAT!!!!!!!!” I screamed in my head. But Motat was still miles away. Just a reminder that Motat stands for Museum of Transport and Technology. Waiting impatiently I started to get really bored but I saw Motat getting closer I cheered, clapped and smiled. Getting off the bus I saw our Guide. Stacy Ward was her name. Stacy was really nice to us and knows lots of things. Anyway we went to a little class room and I am serious when I say little. We had to all squash up like sardines in a can.

Stacy did some explaining of when we come back for lunch and she told us the timetable for us. Room 14 went to the SCARY DARK obstacle course called the Tack Tal Dome. As for us we were told to go to a classroom upstairs in the museum for a little lesson on inventions. The inventions that were there were all very fascinating to learn about! There was so much to take in! After the lesson we were allowed to touch and look at the items that we had just learnt about.

But some of the items were not allowed to be touched. It was because the old items were very delicate. Most of the items were allowed to be touched. Rushing to the cameras, I grabbed a camera that was very different to the cameras now. Jordenne wanted a turn so I gave it to her. Next I had a little play with was the type writer. Stacy had told us that in the old days they used type writers instead of keyboards. Keyboards are now used. The type writer was my favourite because when I typed it was very cool! There were phones too. I had a look at the Dail Phones. Me and Jordenne pretended to talk to each other on the Dail Phones.

Miss King told us to split into our groups right after we all finished looking. I didn’t know who was in my group but I found out, it was with Aldora, Rocky and Uili. Our Guardian was Miss King. Exploring the museum was next on the agenda. So we all looked around. We had a look at the Victorian Village. “OH, that’s just plain scary!” I shivered. It kinda gave me the creeps. Because the fake people looked scary!! Plus it made me feel like their heads were about to turn around. Leaving the Willow Cottage it started to pour. Trapped under the little shed, we waited for the rain to stop. But there was no to time so we randomly ran somewhere inside.

There was a school. It was very realistic for a replica. Laughing at Miss King, I started to look at her for while. It was because Miss King was pretending to be a olden day teacher. She said they were very angry with the kids when they were naughty. Leaving the school it was time for the Mirror Maze. Racing back inside the museum we ran into the maze. As we got into the maze we looked for the way. But to be honest, it was the most easiest maze ever! It took me about 40 seconds. “Okay, so where should we go” Miss King mumbled, it was good thing she said that because there was a little house that had some fun and scientific stuff in there. “How about in there” Uili asked. We all agreed so Miss King let us go in.

Rushing into the little playhouse or house, we all went to something that was fun and at the same time we all had FUN. I was running but then I stopped I backed up and came to a mirror, but it wasn’t like any other mirror. This kind of mirror was very different to other mirrors. When I looked at it I was very......... short looking. The mirror was not the only thing I went to have a look. There was a little ride that me and Aldora went on. It was a little diner that had 2 buttons. Aldora and I hopped on and pressed a green button. Suddenly the little diner started shaking and moving like mad. I had remembered this in Rm10, the reason why it was shaking was because it was to give people an experience on earthquakes. It gave a lot!!

After me and my group had a play with the stuff we all knew it was nearly time to go back to the tiny classroom that Stacy explained the timetable and stuff. Just before that we looked at the Trams. And they were very cool. Then it was time lunch so we all made our way to the little classroom. There was finally enough room now that the chairs were taken away. Lunch passed by then it was time for Rm 13 to go to the SCARY DARK DOME!!!!!! I screamed and clapped!!!! I was too excited! As we approached the door of the Dome there was a man and a woman. They were our supervisors. We had to get into groups and the man explained a few things about the dome. Miss King picked some people to go and then I waited. I was sent to go with Jordenne and Uili.

Creeping into the dome it suddenly got darker. It got darker by the second, Following the walls I tried to find my friends. I manged to find Kashya but I lost her. I found a net then yelled "I found a net". My friends started to follow me or at least follow my voice. Uili climbed the net before me. But I didn't care. Sliding down a slide I thought we were stuck but again I followed the walls then I crawled into a little hole. A cool breeze went by me then I saw a air conditioner. It was a sign that I was getting closer. Kashya, Jordenne and some others had found me and followed me out. Another slide was found and I slid on it and thought it was a trap. There was light but thought nothing was there. But I pushed on the walls and I was free! The woman said "Good Job". Followed by was Uili, Kashya, Jordenne and others.

15 minutes was all that was left of the day so we were randomly strolling along the museum. Tractors, Cars, Planes and Bikes we all saw them! It was the best time ever!!!! Later that day the bus was here. Sighing and making my way to the bus everyone waited to get back to school.

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