Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beep Test

4 laps later my lungs were not working. Puffing in and out I thought “COME ON GLORIA!!! Also Miss King and Miss V were pushing us too with encouragement. Striving to Succeed I tried my very hardest!!! “3,5” the system cried. At this time my legs were wobbly and it was so tiring that all I could hear in my hears were my heart thumping like mad!!!! I was beginning to struggle with my running. It was very odd, the feeling was.......... I can’t describe it but it was depressing. As soon as I got to the yellow line in level 4 lap 6 I groaned when the beep got called out. “OH, COME ON!!!” I moaned

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  1. Wow Gloria!! You are a very talented athlete AND writer. I hope to see your work posted on the local newspaper or something like that!!! I LOVE the vocab that you used and I really have some good ideas for some writing tests later on in the next year or this year!! Thanks to you! Keep up the AWESOME work and I hope that you can visit my blog whenever you can.

    From Jonita, Rm14