Monday, August 29, 2011

All Blacks Haka

Passionate about their Haka the All Black warriors frightened South Africa. As they were about to battle. South Africa was intimidated by the warrior’s strong and powerful fierce war cries. The All Blacks threatened them with their throat slitting action.
Piercing screams were heard by the crowd as The All Black. 


  1. Love It Love It Love It Love It!!! What a great story, do you know what a haka means? A haka means that it is telling a story about Te Rauparaha. I love the part when you said Piercing screams were heard by the crowd as The All Blacks were feared by South Africa. Shouts and screams of the New Zealanders petrified the waiting Spring Boks.

    Love From Best Friend Sela
    Love Your

  2. Hi Gloria,

    I love your style of writing and picture too! You used heaps of cool words which really added excitement to your story. I really enjoyed reading your story and each sentence I read made me want to read on. Keep up the good writing,

    Looking forward to reading more of you great stories on your blog,

    Your BFF,