Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Immersion Assembly

Making my way to the hall for Immersion Assembly I spotted the teachers in crazy funny costumes. “Look at Miss King, she’s wearing a tutu”. I giggled

Sitting down on the floor I realized assembly was starting.
Mr Burt introduced the Topic with a story. “Maui went to his great great great grandma and she gave him a bone from her jaw.” Mr Burt said. “The bone that Maui was given was used as the hook, Maui put some blood on the end of the hook and to his surprise he fished up the a huge fish also known as the North Island of New Zealand” Mr Burt continued.

At the end of his story he finally told us the topic which was Outta this World (this story is related to the topic because the bone was able to be seen in the stars, so it is called Manaiakalani which means the Hook from Heaven and Heaven is Outta this World!!!)

Teams 1, 2 and 3 had finished their item. So now was the time for team 4 to shine. “Twinkle, twinkle little star how wonder what you are” sang The Wiggles (this was a movie). Out came Miss King, Miss Squries, Mr Marks and Miss Garden. They were pretending to be ballerinas, no wonder why my teacher had a tutu.

Immersion Assembly is the best part about the first day to me. It is always exciting and funny to watch!!

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  1. Hi Gloria,

    I really loved your story about Immersion Assembly. I loved how you describe us what happend.

    Keep up the great work!!!