Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Waiting outside for my friends I started to shiver then I knew that I had to go inside or else a cold would be upon me. Making my way inside room 22 I saw Miss King, Mrs Burt and all these other kids. Some were in my class and some weren’t. I sat on a chair and talked a bit then did nothing. Mrs Tele’a came in and marked the roll.

Mr Burt talked for a little while then he said a prayer. Suddenly Miss Tito came through the entrance and said “Oh, can you all come outside where the Kapa Haka group is?”. We all came and sat on the ground. Once again Mr Burt said a prayer then we waited...... and waited and waited..... finally the bus had arrived.

Getting in the bus I was so excited that I hugged Kashya and squeezed her. I was squashed like a teddy bear being hugged when I got in the bus. Too many people were pushing and shoving I couldn’t fit in the entrance but luckily I pushed myself in. Someone called out to go straight to the back, I couldn't.

So I chose a random seat. Then Laita passed by so I called out to her “Hey, come sit here”. She sat down next to me excited. The museum was getting closer and closer by the minute but it seemed like it took hours to get there. Minutes later we went inside the museum. Being excited was the last thing on my mind all I thought of was winning.

Inside was crowded, it was packed with people. Soon everyone was lining up at the elevator to get to the dome. Following my friends I said “WOW, there is a lot of people who want to watch”. The elevator was finally free so we hoped in then the doors closed. Then the elevator went up. To me every time I go on an elevator it feels like the fear fall. But it doesn’t fall down very quickly.

The dome was the most beautiful place ever!!! It had a amazing view of the city. Lights flashed on the city and some were turned off but it was still beautiful. Chatter here and chatter there, noise filled the room. Looking for our seats I looked at Kashya and said “Sit next to me”. Even the dome was filled with people. But there were 3 free seats in the front so I sat next to Kashya and Miss King. Firstly the Kapa Haka Group from our School performed then the presenters came on the stage.

The presenters were Robyn Malcolm from Outrages Fortune and Charlie from What Now! I was kinda freaked out because I have never seen them in real life until now! Some categories were said then these kids performed an Ukulele song, the first song was made by them which was called New Zealand but in Maori then a song called At The Beach. I was kinda enjoying it. There was a category that was called Best Production and there were some movies that were entered and our movie was up there. Our class screamed and shouted then Charlie said and "here are the finalists, ........... Don’t forget your roots by Room 13 Kings" we all got excited and screamed and clapped but I was not really excited because I was very nervous that we would win and I would have to go up there and speak. I was so nervous that my Paper from the museum was shredded

Some other movies were said then Charlie said “ And the winner is................. Don’t Forget your roots by Room 13 Kings. we ran up the red carpet and high fived Charlie. Rocky said thank you to our helpers I was suppose to do that as well but there was an early applause so I said nothing. Pretty sad (SNIFF, SNIFF)!
But we won anyway. The last category was Supreme which was won by my cousin Sela Pamaka and her group. In this Awards evening the most fun part was this choir called Pride of Auckland. Maybe you should go to their site. They are a very very VERY talented bunch!!!

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