Monday, June 6, 2011

Na Na Thai Restaurant

GUESS WHAT?! I had a trip to Na Na Thai Restaurant. It explains why I am overly excited. Anyway let me tell you what happened. It was a calm dark night, me and my mum waited till 6.00. And when the clock stroke 6 o'clock we heard a noise. Wondering what it was I went outside to check. Suddenly lights came down the drive way then it faced me. I couldn't tell what it was because the lights beamed brightly at my face.

Soon the lights went out. When I opened my eyes it turned out to be a car. My mum came out to see what was going on. She hugged someone. Getting closer I said to myself "That lady looks familiar". As I got closer I remembered who it was. It was Marie (my mum's friend). This had reminded me that Marie was here to take us to a restaurant. Marie said to us "Both of you go in the back". Botany was a ahead. Which was a bit bad because it was far away and I get car sick. Luckily I fell asleep so I didn't throw up or anything. A push woke me up, I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful restaurant. Walking up the road I thought in my mind "PLEASE PLEASE CAN IT BE THAT BEAUTIFUL RESTAURANT". It turned out it was. And it was my lucky night! Entering the restaurant I saw a carved statue with a dress. The whole thing was carved even the dress.

Marie opened a door and the first thing I saw was a BIG HUGE crystal chandler. Then I looked down and saw tables and flowers. A very kind lady greeted us and bowed just like a Thai Tradition. Another lady took us to our table but it was different than the other tables, I thought that we were VIPS but it was just the same. Ordering was pretty fancy because to tell the truth I have never EVER had ordered in a restaurant! Dinner was the most scrumptious and nice part of the night.

1 because there was a nice and spicy roll that was called The Spring Roll. It was extra chilly with the chilly sauce which I like very much. Secondly I ate some chicken and rice. I had some Ginger Beer and my mum had a mango drink. Marie had wine same for her husband. It was only minutes then dinner was gone!! But desert was on it's way. I chose a ice cream dish that was for kids. It was strawberry and had a little cute face on it. Sprinkles added a great touch. Everything was amazing I wanted to live that moment again and this other time I went to...... opps sorry but that is a very different story. I would have to tell you later.

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  1. Hi Gloria
    Good to see you are posting up stories of your new experiences!! Keep it up.