Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Marble Run

Getting ready for our challenge I thought in my mind that it was going to be easy but guess what it wasn’t. But before we go over the mistakes let me tell you what happened. Me and my group were working out what to do but we were building our trap too.
Kashya brought a brick and I thought we could use it for the beginning for the trap. So we attached rolls to the brick to make a slide for the marble. It was great for the beginning next was some dominoes for the marble to hit and another marble will be hit and will go into the toilet paper roll.
Again it will hit dominoes then it’s done,but it didn’t work so that was a mistake. We changed what didn’t work so that is pretty much everything, we were in the process of trail and error. The 2nd time we used a spoon, a brick, the scissors box and dominoes. First we put on the slide on the scissor box so we can make the marble hit the dominoes and it will hit another marble next it will hit a spoon and the spoon will trap the marble. It didn’t work we tried and tried but it didn’t work. We used clear communication and it kinda came together. It worked can you believe that but sadly Miss King didn’t film it or see it ether. So we had to build it again. While we were building the trap I said “okay, we have to build this quickly”. Our trap was not working but it was alright at least we tried but we can try again. We didn’t finish the trap but Miss King said we can try again next time.

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