Monday, September 26, 2011


Mmmm huele los alfajorcitos tan riquisimo. Argentina has lots of traditional foods, one of them is Alfajorcitos. Room 13 decided to make them so we can have a glimpse of what they are, for a special treat.

Dulce de leche is a sweet sticky caramel that Argentinian kids always eat with biscuits, cakes and more. To make Alfajors we will need 2 plain biscuits and of course the dulce de leche. Smother the dulce de leche on the biscuits and put the biscuits together and roll it in coconut if you want.

Following the instructions carefully, I got my two biscuits and smothered the dulce de leche over them and then I rolled my biscuits in the coconut. Putting the gooey Alfajorcitos in my mouth I thought they might taste yuck! But when I bit into the biscuit I realized it was delicious. The dulce de leche melted in my mouth, I felt like making more and shoving it down my throat but sadly, I was not allowed.

Alfajors are very yummy!!! I wish we could make more Argentinian food again!!


  1. Hi Gloria, Love your story on alfajorcitos!! indeed they are very very very yummy!! Me and my girls love them too, and make them for every bithday. Sometimes instead of white coconut we put colorfull ones... to make it more fun!
    Here is a picture:
    From Argentina, mucho cariño, Silvina

  2. Hi Gloria!! Your story about alfajorcitos is wonderful! You know nowadays in Argentina we can get alfajorcitos in almost every "kiosco". Do you know what Kioscos are?? Ask Ms King,I'm sure she remembers.
    Saludos desde Argentina