Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aussie Rules

This game has some difficult tricks so you need a lot of concentration for bouncing the ball, doing a drop punt and even more. Aussie Rules, that’s the game that Room 13 have been training for with 2 great professionals.

Blustery winds blew past me and a cold chill ran up my spine. Rain began to spit but the unpredictable weather changed it around to a sun shiny afternoon. It was like there were 4 seasons in a day.

Warming up with a game called Jumper Bumper I bumped Wakatere and a point was awarded to me. The idea is to bump your partner on 1 leg so they have to put their other leg down. “YAY!!!” I had won my battle against Wakatere and he was gutted about it!

The skill we were about to learn was bouncing the ball while running. On my knee with the ball I bounced it but I fumbled and it bounced away, it was out of control. Wakatere tried bouncing it and he had great success!

Finally training is over and the day was going to end with a game that was very similar to baseball. Instead of bating the ball we kicked the ball. Beginning the game we were able to catch some balls and get the players out. Later on in the game someone kicked the ball and to my surprise it was coming to me. Anxiously concentrating on the ball I caught it and I was so amazed of what I had done!

Aussie Rules is the greatest game we have played so far. It has taught me a lot of skills.

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