Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tongan Beach

Tonga is a very hot place since it is close to the equator. Nearly everyday we need a fan. But at the beach it is cool and nice. Well, it should be since we swim in the cool and shimmering water.

Swimming in the blue sea I jumped up to to breath. As soon as I was ready to go under the sea again I spotted something, I looked at it curiously. I dived under and found myself starring at a blue fish with yellow fins.

Suddenly more fish appeared. Of course, I wanted to catch it so I got ready to pounce on to the fish. But it quickly swam away. Once again I tried but I still couldn't catch it. Another fish swam beside a rock so I leaped out of the water to breath.

Puffing in and out I went back under the water. This fish looked much more different, it was black and looked very mysterious. I swam around a big rock and I saw many fish with different shapes and seizes. And different colors.

When I felt cold and bored I got out of the water and lied on the sand. Blazing hot and bright the sun shone it's rays on to the crystal clear water. Watching the water glisten like a pearl I smiled gleefully.

Just as I was about to get back in the water everyone was going back to the cars. So I thought we would be leaving. Digging my toes into the sand I wished that I would come. Everyone went back and we journeyed back home.

I love going to the beach!!! Hope we go back.


  1. Sitting here in New Zealand, listening to the rain fall on the roof and the surf pounding angrily in the distance, I am consumed with envy! Make the most of the sunshine and keep sharing enticing glimpses of what a real Summer is like :)

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Gloria
    I read your amazing story while at the beach - but with the rain pouring down! I felt incredibly jealous of your fabulous holiday and hoped that before my trip ended, I would get to enjoy some sunshine. Lucky for me, the sun came out today!
    I loved your use of language in this story!
    Keep enjoying your holiday
    Miss King