Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beach Number 2

Once again we had a trip to the beach. It was awesome!! Lots of fun and laughter filled the air. It was a different beach but I thought it was better!!!

Just as I stepped into the sand my feet sank as if I was sinking in quick sand. It was almost like the sand was deeper than the sea! Running around I gazed at the sea. Excited and happy I ran to the water.

Floating in the water everything was quiet, calm and peaceful. I felt like a coconut floating there so I decided to get a coconut. Slowly running to my Aunty she gave me a coconut. It was nice, cool and refreshing!

Jogging back to sea my cousins were playing happily together. Playing with them the waves began to become huge. So we waited. "WHOOSH" a wave hit us then hit shore. "A BIG ONE" I shouted. Another wave came. I dived underwater.

Suddenly I spotted a huge fish! "AAAHHHH" I shouted but it was hard to shout since I was underwater. Leaping out of the water I quickly swam to shore. I was freaked!

The sand wasn't so bad. Me and my little cousin made a sand cake. Plus a sand mountain. When I got tired I just lay in the hot sun.

Then I watched everyone play so I got back in the sea. Sitting on a "board" me and my cousins waited for a huge wave. And when it came. It hit us and we flipped over! I was laughing really hard. It was awesome.

Playing away in the sun it was time to leave I sighed and got myself ready to for the trip back home.

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