Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Outta this World

Neptune has a lot of problems that could kill humans. The main problem is that Neptune has no air! Humans will not survive without air.

For a situation like this I would recommend taking a lilo, as many lilos as you can. So if you couldn’t breathe you can undo the valve and breathe in the air from the lilo. That is what I would do.

Another solution is to...... well, I would build a tunnel to Earth. So if anyone couldn’t breathe they would go through the tunnel to Earth and breathe again. Also I would make an air mask which has a big bottle of air connected to it.

There is one more solution. I would use a gas mask and connect it to a huge can of oxygen. So it would be possible to breath.

One of these solutions can solve the problem. To me I think that it is the 1st solution. Because the lilos contain air. The lilos will come in mini sizes so they will be able to be carried around on people’s backs like a school bag (there will 5 lilos to use a day). After the lilos are all empty you will need to refill from a tap. Instead of water the tap has air because it is connected to Earth.

Neptune might be possible to live on in the future. Maybe......

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