Friday, November 4, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Did you know that comets are made out of ice, dust, rocks and gas? Well, room 13 did. We even made comets but out of ice cream. Which were tasty!!!

Waiting impatiently I watched the other groups get ice cream but instead of it in a cone it was plopped into their hands. But I was still eager to taste some ice cream. My tummy growled but finally I was called out to make my comet.

Lesieli tipped some crushed biscuits and sprinkles on to my hands. Filled with wild excitement Miss King gave me my ice cream. I shivered and shuddered. The ice cream dripped through my fingers and left a sticky mess. Whaea Janeille stuck a cone on top of my ball of ice cream.

Licking my lips I started to eat my comet. The comet was nice and cold. Soft and chewy the ice cream melted on my tongue. Finishing my comet I felt like getting another scoop but sadly I wasn’t allowed.

What an exciting and delicious experience!? I LOVE ICE CREAM!!! Especially with sprinkles!

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  1. Hi Gloria,

    What and interesting story you have .

    your story describes what happened while making it

    Good work,hope to see more.