Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alien Snot

Everyone knows that snot is one of the most disgusting things ever!!! Well, room 13 made something very GROSS!!! Guess what it is? That’s right, snot........ alien snot.

For this task you’ll need cornflour, a little bit of water and green food colouring. If you are interested in making some alien snot the 1st step is to pour 1 cup of corn flour into a small bowl. Add a little bit of water into the bowl and start mixing. Soon it would harden so pour the green food colouring in. Feel the snot and it will be hard so pick it up and see what happens.

Waiting with my group for some corn flour Miss King came to our table and gave us some flour. Later on that day she came to us and pour water into the bowl. Mixing the bowl I realized it was hardening quickly. It took all my strength to mix it!! The food coloring was tipped in.

“YUCK!!!! LOOK AT THE SNOT!!” I whined. It looked like a liquid. But as I felt it for some reason it felt like a rock! Picking the snot up it ran down my fingers and on to the table. So now it was all over the place!!!

Alien snot was a exciting yet disgusting experience but it was quite fun!! Maybe I should make it again.

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  1. Hello Gloria! Your instructions for making snot are very good. When I run out of my own snot I can just follow your instructions and make some alien snot of my own! Well done.