Thursday, March 28, 2013

What do Easter Eggs have to do with Easter?

Many people know the Easter Story. And you may or may not believe it. But I personally do, the question is how the heck do Easter Eggs relate to this. During Easter, you see chocolate eggs, decorated eggs and bunny rabbits. Haven't you wondered how eggs have to do with anything?

Well, from my own research I found out that the egg symbolizes rebirth and new life. This has been a tradition for hundreds of years. In other cultures it was believed that the earth itself hatched into a giant egg.

Another belief is that the egg represented the empty tomb when Jesus rose again. That's why the egg is hollow.

Eggs became band during Lent in the past, so Easter Sunday became the traditional time to use them once again. From this, it led to many people giving eggs, usually decorated, to their friends and servants.

Origainally, real eggs were used to decorate using bright colours to represent Spring. Decorating eggs, different cutures had their own ways. Such as Germany and Austria where they used green eggs on Holy Thursday.

This is just what I think. There are more than one reason maybe you know.

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