Sunday, March 10, 2013


Today, as you may know is the 10th of March. This means....... it's my birthday!! What's better is that I was born on a Sunday and it's a SUNDAY! Out of all my birthdays, I think this one was the best so far.

Sitting in the living room, I heard someone pull up in the driveway. Through the window, I saw my cousins get out of their car. Filled with excitement, I ran out of the house and to their car. To my surprise, they brought their dog Nala, who I adorably love. "You brought Nala?" I asked confused, "Yup! Nala is here to see you on your birthday too" my aunty, Soana replied laughing.

Along with them, they also brought KFC and a cake. Setting the cake on the table, Soana lit the candles. "Come on! Blow the candles!" my mum said. Crossing my fingers, I made a quick wish and blew the candles out. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" my family sang. Smiling at them, I teared up a little. Honestly, I wasn't really expecting to get a cake.

You may be wondering what I got as my presents. What I received was a $50 iTunes voucher. And a jacket, jeans and a shirt from JayJays. I gotta say, my family coming together was enough of a present.

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  1. Your birthday sounded just wonderful. I am so pleased that you got a cake and present, but also that your family all came to celebrate with you.
    Happy Birthday Gloria