Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Car Crash

Here's a short story I wrote. I guess you could say I was bored so I thought why not write something. 

On my right my daughter was talking to me. Trying to focus on the road and at the same time listen to her, I squinted my eyes and saw a sign which read ‘SUNNYDALE LAB, 20 MILES’. Turning back to my daughter, she screamed. I looked forward and saw a truck. Opening my mouth to shriek, nothing came out, my throat was incredibly dry. 

CRASH!! With the tires screeching, I felt the impact on my body. My seatbelt felt like it tightened on my stomach. As the car flipped over onto it's side, cars started to beep their horns and my ears started to ring. Compared to my car, the truck seemed unharmed. Smashed to smithereens, the glass shattered onto my face, leaving cuts. A pang of pain shot up my leg. My eyesight went blurry, my whole body went numb. In the distance, I heard ambulance sirens then I blacked out.

“Hurry! Doctor, we’re losing her!” I heard talking. With my eyes open, I looked around and saw all these nurses and doctors. Abby, my daughter was holding my hand tightly. “Mum! MUM!” she shouted to me. “MUM!!”. Her voice faded away and my hand slipped from her grip. I closed my eyes as tears rolled down my cheek, sinking into my t-shirt.

“ABBY!!” I wailed. Panting, I sat up straight on my bed. “SHHH” I heard someone calmly say to me. Sweat dripped from my forehead as I saw my daughter next to me. “SHH..... Don’t worry!” she said trying to comfort me. “Where am I?!” I asked, confused. Abby had bruises around her body and 2 huge cuts. One on her leg and one on her head. Her cut immediately caught my attention. “What happened!? Who did this?!” I demanded. “Calm down.......”. From what I could see, I was wearing a hospital gown. Pulling the drapes aside, the doctor came in. “Good, you're awake, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong. Apart from 3 broken bones, you’re free to go in a week.”. “Thank you doctor.” I replied. He nodded and exited.

“You should probably rest.” Moaning, I lay back trying to get comfortable. Relaxing, my muscles were so tense. “UGH!!” I groaned. Dozing off, I wished this was a dream so I could wake up and forget the whole thing. "Everything's going to be all right" Abby said brimming with optimism.

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  1. It may have been fun to write, but it was so realistic it sent some shudders down my spine.

    A fab piece of writing Gloria

    Mrs Burt