Friday, March 15, 2013


Hawaii..... such a beautiful place. Palm trees waving to the whistling wind. Wind in my hair makes me feel level-headed, as if I am the only person in the world. Living in my fantasy land, I started to move to the sound of the chirping birds like I was on a rocking chair, listening to a song of lullabies.

“Maddie!”, I clicked back to reality and saw the beautiful Tunnels Beach (Kauai). Just the perfect place for snorkeling. “YAY!” I yelled as I jumped out of the car. Instantly, I dropped my towel onto my sand. Straight to the beach I went, the sand kicked onto my legs. Right on my toes, the water washed onto the shore. “Madeline! Don’t go too far!” my mother shouted. Nodding my head, I immediately dived into the cool serene water.

Opening up my eyes, bubbles floated up to the surface. Gliding weightless, fishes quickly swam behind the corals and rocks. Swimming onto one of the rocks, it was very smooth and long. My body settled onto it like I was a mermaid. Suddenly, little fishes popped up in front of my face. Their fins and their tails moved so fast. It was as if they were asking me to play with them. “HEY!” one shouted in my ear. "WHAT!?" I think to myself.

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  1. Hey Gloria

    You've put together a very interesting piece of writing there, definitely makes me want to hear what happens next.

    Keep it up! Mr. Hutchings