Sunday, March 10, 2013

Burnt Down

Here is another short story I wrote. Hope you like it.

Sobbing in the corner of my living room, my eyes shot around the room watching my house burn to pieces. I had left the oven on and I can see it was a mistake. Smoke blew around in the air. If the fire didn’t kill me, the smoke would. With my heart beating quickly, my curtains withered and turned black as the fire overtook it. Furniture started to melt, parts of the charred ceiling fell down, trapping me.

“HELP!” I screamed helplessly. I hoped my dog, Caesar was alright. Suddenly, I heard his barks of misery echo through the house. Through the fire, I saw him across the room, whimpering for me. OH NO! Jumping to my feet, I leaped onto the other side of the living room. As I heard the crackle of the paint on the wall chipping, fire burnt my leg. Pushing blocks of wood a side, Caesar barked happily at me.

He ran into my arms. Vigorously licking my face, I hugged him. The warmth of his fur comforted me. At least the last moments of my life would be with my best friend. When my hopes were up, I heard footsteps. Grasping for air, I saw a firefighter with protection on. “They’re over here!” he shouted

2 men followed behind him as they grabbed Caesar. The firefighter opened up his arms as he lifted me off the hard ground. Breaking through out of the ashes, the firefighter put me down next to Caesar. Caesar licked the firemen, thanking them. I smiled as someone put a blanket over me. A glass of milk for me and a bowl of water for Caesar. Sighing, I looked at the fireman. “Thank you” I mouthed to him.


  1. So frightening, I hope you are not writing from personal experience.
    You did make me stand up and check my oven though - I couldn't remember turning it off, thankfully I had.
    Very well written Miss Gloria!

  2. It is a very well written story but it made me scared. I was so glad at the end when the person got rescued! Lucky the firefighters came!