Friday, March 22, 2013

Waves the Surfing Dog Narrative

People say that I, Waves, am the best dog surfer in the country. Jackie, my owner, and I were practising as usual for 2 hours a day for the Annual Dog Surfing Competition. My owner is so relentless. Winning and money is all he loves, his greed nearly cost me my life.

“Come on, Waves! You better surf or it’s back to the kennels!” Jackie warns me. Instantly, I dart to my surfboard and professionally paddle my way out to sea. Awaiting a good wave, my ear twitches, I hear the wave approaching..... a giant wave. Coming my way, I bark at it. Smoothly driven by the water, I feel free in the air as if I am gliding weightless. My tongue is out and I am barking joyfully.

Wind in my fur, I close my eyes and sprays of water splash on my face. But the water feels cool and serene. I slow down and I am in the tube. Nothing can compare to being in the tube. It is so majestic and beautiful. Water flows over my head. Suddenly, I lose my balance and fall into the wave. It collapses over me like a wall of bricks.

Twisting and turning, I sink slowly. My vision is blurry, everywhere is dark blue. Looking up, I seem to be so far away from the surface. Bubbles pop and float up. I squirm around, but it doesn’t help, it only makes me sink faster. Burning for air, my lungs feel like they are going to pop out. Even though I knew I wouldn’t make it, I take a breath. Water rushes into my body and darkness engulfs me. At my last glance, I see my owner swimming towards me... Then everything is black.

“WAVES!! WAVES!” I hear my owner shout with misery. I open my eyes and choke out water. Luckily Jackie was there for me, full of joy and happiness, I lick his face. His arms wrap around me like a big warm blanket. Against his chest, I feel his heart racing. “Back on the board!” he demands. WOOF!! I bark back angrily.


  1. Hey Gloria,
    Awesome story! I love the third paragraph, it really captures that one moment. I think the owner was really mean, and greedy, he only cared about himself. If I was the dog, I would have run away! What would you have done?
    Keep it up!

  2. Hi Gloria,
    This narrative is a great story to read. My favourite part of this story is how a dog named Waves can surf but it is a bit sad hearing that Waves almost dies. Anyway, you used great and interesting vocab in your story. I can't wait to read more. Keep it up!!!