Monday, March 18, 2013

10 Sentences

Dog on Surfboard
Tyla-Maire, Logan and I created these 10 sentences to describe a photo of a dog on a surfboard.

 1). "You ready, Chucky?" my owner (Jay) asks me, carefully putting me on the surfboard.

2).Bright and early, with my ridiculous outfit on, Jay pushes me off to sea.

3). On top of the surfboard, I shiver with horror.

4). Miraculously, I glided along the cool blue waves.

5). Without knowing, a wave crashes on top of me.

6). Floating on the water, I shake my fake mane of a lion.

7). Flinging the water from my wet suit, I paddle back to shore.

8). Wet and soaking, I shudder as Jay squeezes me with joy.

9). "GREAT JOB!" he cheers.

10). A couple of weeks later, I find myself staring on a commercial.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Gloria,
    That is a bunch of cool sentences you have written there! They are all really interesting to read. Hey, reading that makes me want to see a photo of a dog on a surfboard. It would be cool if you could post one!