Monday, March 4, 2013

Black Hole Narrative

Walking through town, I passed stores selling food, jewellery, pets and more. With my coins clinking in my pocket, I ran down the street bumping into strangers. Slowing down I staggered onto my knees, “PSST” I heard someone say. Carefully getting up, I limped to the unknown man, I noticed he was very tall and wore a big black coat. He also wore a hat which covered his face.

“PSST” he whispered again. “How about I give you something worth a million dollars but all you’ll have to pay is $20?”. I knew better than to take things from strangers but this really got me thinking. “What do you have in mind?” I asked curiously. A big evil smile crept on his face. As he put his hand in his coat looking for something, I stepped back cautiously. Pulling his hand out of his pocket, I could see he was holding a piece of paper with a black hole in the center. My excitement crashed as fast as a jet when I saw that it was only a piece of paper. I knew it could only be a rip off.

But this dealer wouldn’t take no for an answer, he lowered the price to $5 and I was pretty impressed. So I thought “WHY NOT!”.
After buying the paper, I wondered what made it million dollar worthy. Once I got home, I had a good look at the paper. Looking at both the back and the front, I was struggling to find anything special about it at all. Disappointed, I lay the paper on the counter, I grabbed something to drink then put my cup on top of the black hole. Suddenly.......

My cup went straight through the hole. Surprised I snatched the paper to see if there was anything under but nothing was there. I put it back on the counter and I put my arm through the black hole. Discovering this amazing power had me delighted yet afraid of it’s abilities. “HEHE!” I thought cunningly.

Taking the paper, I imagined all the possible things I could do. An idea came in mind and it was very devious. As night fell, I sneakily waited outside a bank. Not thinking at all, I stuck the paper to one of the gates protecting the bank. I moved back to get a running start. Sprinting, I dived through the black hole and tumbled onto the hard concrete. Turning to the gate, I put my arm through the thin bars and took the black hole. Unlocking the bank door, I swung it open. There, in the corners of my eyes, was a giant safe containing all the riches and money in the world.

So the paper wouldn’t fall off, I duct taped it to the safe. Expertly, I started to steal stacks of money. Greedy for more, I reached in when suddenly, an alarm went off. Lights started to flash and there was a loud ringing. All exits were blocked but I couldn’t care less, I had a black hole which could go through anything. With my bag full, I tried to take the black hole when the duct tape pulled me back. When I looked at my hand, I saw that I had ripped the paper in half.

In the distance, I heard police sirens. Astonished, I dropped my bag and desperately tried to put the black hole back together. Soon it was too late. “I’M DOOMED” I sadly said to myself.


  1. Hi Gloria,
    I want to start by saying I really like your writing. I especially like the way you use interesting words.
    Hope to see more cool writing.

    From your cousin, Lisia

  2. Hey Gloria,
    Wow cool blog!!! I read a few pieces of your writing but I really liked this one.
    It really got me interested, though I think the person should have not taken the piece of paper from the stranger, especially since it lead them right into trouble.
    Love your blog!!!