Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Unexpected Disaster (At the Shops)

On one typical afternoon I ran to the shops, hoping I could get something to eat. I dropped my money, as I reached for it, another hand with scars picked it up and gave it to me. “Hello, my name’s William Kimme”, his eyes were contrast (One blue, one brown). “Thanks” I utter. Suddenly, something hit me on the head. I was hit so hard, I could see stars then everything went black.

Rubbing my eyes, everything was blurry. I was inside a store. Pain rushed through my head. Looking up into a man with a ski mask, his 2 eyes seemed familiar. One blue, one brown. My head tilted to the right and I saw Lisia and Kaycee (my friends). The shopkeeper was tied up with tape over his mouth. Eyes wide opened, I was surprised. “What is he going to do to us?” I ask.

Of course, the shop was closed, the man approached us and reached out his hand with scars marked all over. I got a feeling, I knew this man. “Phones?” he requested, I didn’t have one (I’m only 10). Nether did Lisia. Kaycee stashed her phone and said “Sorry, no phone”. I smiled and looked at the man as if I said what you gonna do now?!

Walking over to the counter, the man stuffed money into his pockets, sat down and closed his eyes. Kaycee took out her phone, dialed 111 and ordered police men over. Lisia hugged Kaycee and whispered “Great Job”. Relieved, I gave her a thumbs up.

By now the man was asleep so I crept over silently. Careful, not to make a sound, picked up his gun and crawled back. “Phew!” I thought. Then, I heard a faint noise from a distance. It was sirens. Startled, the man jumped up and searched for his the gun. “Looking for this?” I say with a smirk.

BOOM! A police officer kicked open the door, I handed the man and the gun to the police. Outside we went and we saw the robber without a ski mask, revealing his face. It was......... William Kimme! Of course! The scars on his hands and his eyes! Shaking my head, Lisia asked “You know him?” “NO”. I replied.

William stepped into the police car, winked at me and gave an evil smile. I looked away, walking home with Lisia and Kaycee.

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