Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Watching the soaking wet children, they launched into the cold slide. Each boy and girl glided towards the other side. I took photos as they all slid, biked and ran.

It was time for the girls to start their mini Triathlon. Brett turned on the hose and sprayed the girls as they shrieked of the freezing water. “GO!” someone shouted. One by one, they dived into the slide. Covered with soap and water, the girls ran back to the start as they laughed with joy.

Running towards the Transition Zone, they ran out with a bike then hopped on it. Taamai seemed to be in the lead, the blustering wind blew her hair while she cycled around the flags. Not far behind her was Taylah. Finally the girls got back after 2 laps of biking.

Jogging around the field, the drenched girls huffed and puffed, inhaling the air. Still coming 1st place was Taamai, following behind her was Doris. I watched as Taamai past the finish line. People were cheering, Doris passed the finish line right after.

Taking photos and watching people strive to succeed was awesome. I wish I could’ve joined in but that’s alright. I had fun taking photos.

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