Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Operation Flax

Freya and her mother’s new neighbor, Mrs Harper is going to remove the flax. “It’s a nuisance” she says. She is unable to go up or down her driveway. This is a problem for Freya and her mum because they love this flax. Mum uses the flax that through the fence to make baskets and ketes and Freya makes syrup for the tui.

Although Mrs Harper feels sad for them, she does not change her mind. Freya and  her mum then decide to try and persuade Mrs Harper by giving her a kete. Creating syrup, Freya put it in the other side of the fence, where Mrs Harper lives.

Mrs Harper loves the kete, suddenly 2 tui walk by to the syrup. “Come and look at this Terry!” Mrs Harper shouted. A man on a wheel chair comes outside and stares at the Tui. He hasn’t seen tui in a long time. On Friday afternoon, Mrs Harper pops by Freya and her mum and explains the digger is going to plant the flax at the back of her section. Terry enjoyed the tui so she decided to keep the flax.

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