Monday, November 26, 2012

Abseiling (Camp Bentzon)

Camp is sadly over and I am so bummed out! With delicious food cooked by Mr Coop, and friends playing during free time, I definitely didn’t want to leave. But it’s over now so it’s time for a recap.

Loads of activities had me excited but there’s was one that I had fun doing the most. ABSEILING! Awaiting my turn, I looked upwards at the abseiling wall, petrified. “Not the greatest activity for me” I thought (I was afraid of heights). Although, we were given a choice to do the big wall or the small wall.

After a LOT of thinking I decided to take the big wall. Even though, I feared heights, camp was all about having fun, overcoming our fears and doing our best. So I gave a shot. It was finally my turn. Anxiously climbing up the ladder, one of the guide lines, we were taught was 3 points of contact. At the top, I looked down, feeling as if the wall was a never ending. Camilla had hooked me with ropes and the harness.

“I want you to put your heels over the edge” Camilla instructed. Over the edge my heels stayed, I spread my legs a little and Camilla said “Lean back”. It was at that moment that I knew I would be overcoming my fear soon. After a while, Camilla told me “You are now hanging over the edge”. From hearing this I was so thrilled and it was time to walk down the wall. When I got down, I was incredibly proud of myself.

This was just one of activities and it was AWESOME!! Camp was so fun and it was a once in lifetime thing.


  1. Hi Gloria
    I know that was a great camp. Did you have fun there? I really liked your story it makes me want to go back. your doing great.

  2. Hi Gloria,
    I really enjoyed reading your post about camp on Kawau Island. It's such a beautiful place. I'm glad that even though you were scared of heights, you gave abseiling a go and didn't give up. That's such an amazing accomplishment. What other activities did you enjoy? And which team won the points overall?